Carport Options for Brisbane Homes

A lot of Australians leave their cars exposed to harsh elements for long periods of time. Rain, extreme heat and severe weather damage the exterior parts of the car. Leaving cars outside also makes them vulnerable to animal droppings, tree branches and other debris that have the potential to impair their value.

Don’t leave your vehicles unprotected. If there’s enough space in your property for an upgrade, it’s time to consider investing in a carport.

A cost-effective and convenient way to protect your vehicle

With a carport, you cut costs on future repairs to your car brought about by the elements. With the extra coverage, there’s less worry of its exposure to harsh elements like rain and UV-rays that result in rust and other exterior damage.

Car entry will no longer be uncomfortable because of the shade that carports provide. Instead of climbing into a vehicle that’s been sitting out in the sun for several hours, a carport protects your vehicle from direct sunlight. You’ll feel less like you’re stepping into an oven. The same goes for those cold, rainy days when you want to be able to slide into your car without ending up with numb fingers and a wet seat.

A carport is versatile

Aside from the protection that carports offer to vehicles, they also have a wide variety of other uses that are advantageous to homeowners. They’re great as outdoor spaces where you can hold something as simple as a Sunday al fresco brunch or events such as outdoor dinner parties. Carports also provide an attractive shade or awning over your patio, deck or yard. They’re versatile enough to incorporate into your outdoor space without looking out of place or bulky.

Since carports are versatile, they protect not only cars but also trucks, motorcycles, tractors, jet skis and a lot more.  They’re great for outdoor household equipment such as lawnmowers and barbecue grills. When you add another structure such as a tool shed in your carport, you’ll be able to provide extra protection for it too.

Customisation options and affordability

Another great advantage of carports is their extensive range of customisation options. You decide the style, the type of roofing, the overall size of the carport and the type of materials that will enhance its structural strength. You can also choose to have wall panels or leave them open for maximum airflow.

Compared to building a garage, a carport is cheaper, quicker and easier to install. Costs vary from the material and size but guttering, posts and roofing materials aren’t very expensive. The long-term return on investment is also high as you won’t be shelling out money over time for exterior damages to your car.

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