Blurring the Line between Indoor and Outdoor Living

The standard sunroom enclosure is no longer enough to satisfy many of today’s homeowners’ needs. Homeowners now want a highly customised, fully incorporated sunroom design, complete with luxuries that transform the space.

If you want a taste of what these homeowners have, consider some of the modern elements they’ve incorporated in their living extension:

Fully-Fitted Kitchen

If you enjoy entertaining, a sunroom that serves as a kitchen extension makes a great addition to an outdoor dining area. You can even go the extra mile and furnish your new kitchen with an entertainment bar that extends to the outdoor seating area.

You and your guests can easily prepare meals, snacks and drinks all while enjoying an unrestricted view of your garden.

This is also a smart idea for glass sunroom enclosures that face backyard pools. You can keep an eye on your kids while you prepare meals. And whilst entertaining, the pool fun doesn’t have to stop every time you need to go to the kitchen for a refill or to check the oven.

Even when you don’t have friends and family around, cooking in a room lit by natural light can be a calming and therapeutic answer to the heat of the kitchen.

Home Theatre Space with Hi-Fi Surround Sound Systems

There’s nothing like watching movies on an HD TV complete with a hi-fi surround sound system. So if watching movies in a cosy room is your idea of relaxation, you can turn your patio enclosure into a multipurpose room that also serves as a home theatre.

You don’t need a big space for this. In fact, having a smaller space works in your favour since you won’t need powerful speakers to experience the surround sound. The key to the layout of your sunroom is to give your family and friends as much distance from the screen as possible.

For the best movie-watching experience, make sure that you have the proper blinds for your windows and take steps to make the room soundproof.

Indoor Water Features

Having indoor water features is the ultimate in blurring the lines between your interiors and exteriors. Rain curtains, water walls and indoor waterfalls make stunning focal points in any room and don’t have to take up much space.

To match the water feature’s natural aesthetic appeal, opt for hardwood floors and furnish your sunroom with indoor plants. Mixed with the natural light that streams through your sunroom’s large windows, all these elements can give your sunroom the perfect ambience for a meditation room.

You can spend mornings in your sunroom practising yoga or just enjoy a cup of coffee while listening to the relaxing sound of falling water.

If you opt for indoor water features with LED lights, you can treat your eyes to a spectacle of colours at night. And if your sunroom is near your pool, you will create a resort-style backyard area for your family.

There are so many ideas to transform your sunroom into the perfect backyard escape. When you’re ready to convert that patio into a sunroom enclosure, give our friendly team a call.

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