Beyond Aesthetics: Why Queenslanders Love Their Patios

A patio is not only a functional home extension, but also a wise financial decision as it truly adds value to your property. There are many reasons for wanting a patio, but for most Queenslanders, one of the weightiest factors has to do with the weather and lifestyle. A hallmark of Australian architecture, patios not only provide an outdoor haven for entertaining, but also a place to unwind after a long day at work.

It’s also pretty cheap to construct one in your garden, even if you have very limited space. The best part about patios is that you can fit them anywhere, with proper space-planning and the right choice of materials, furniture and accessories. If you don’t have a patio yet, here’s what you’re missing:

Intimate Social Setting

The beauty of the patio is that it invites people to gather and encourages interaction. It primarily serves as an entertaining area for small parties and barbecues. It usually opens out to a pool or courtyard, an outdoor grill or barbecue area, or anything functional and cosmetic, to maximise the space.

The idea is to provide an outdoor space that’s also a connection to the home. It can be an intimate setting for self-reflection after a stressful week and a space to sit back and admire the view, if there’s any, or to enjoy the outdoors. When the warmer days settle in, it’s nice to have a space that’s peppered with trees to bask in the summer breeze and enjoy a cold beverage.

Low-maintenance Space

A patio is basically a paved or concreted living area that connects your home to your backyard. Like a deck, it has outdoor seating and tables. More often than not, patios come with a roof to protect the furniture from the elements and to provide protection during certain weather conditions.

From a financial standpoint, patios are low-cost investments that add great value to your home. Australians love to spend a lot of time outdoors, so homebuyers usually expect homes to have this feature.

But, to make sure that your investment is worthwhile, it’s best to work with an experienced contractor. While a patio is an outdoor space, it should still harmonise with the architecture of the main house. There are other structural, safety, and aesthetic considerations, such as the patio’s orientation, roofing and paving materials, furniture, and so on. If you want your patio personalised according to your lifestyle needs and style preferences, get in touch with us today and we’ll help you plan your project.

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