Beautiful Garden Plants to Spruce Up Your Patio

A patio is the perfect marriage of indoor and outdoor living, an ideal place for relaxation and entertainment. A beautiful patio is just what you need to make your home that much more comfortable. It pays to decorate your patio just the way you want it — it should reflect your own personal style and serve as a haven in your home.

A patio is never quite complete without a few ornamental plants to brighten up the area. You want to choose plants that are not only attractive but thrive well in pots or planters and partial shade.

If you have patio roofing installed, you are actually creating partial indoor conditions for your plants. Due to the roofing, patio plants receive less sunshine and less rain than plants placed in uncovered areas.

Here are some beautiful plants for your patio that are easy to care for and maintain:


Clivia is a beautiful southern African plant that nevertheless adapts well to the Australian climate. These small plants have long, dark green, waxy looking leaves with a gorgeous cluster of orange or red flowers. Clivias grow all over Australia except in very high elevations. The great thing about Clivia is that it thrives well in the shade and is relatively easy to care for, requiring only somewhat moist soil and some fertilising every four weeks.


Begonias are very popular ornamental plants that are easy to care for and do well in the shade. Begonias are ideal for both planters and hanging baskets but do require regular watering.

These attractive plants have large flowers with rounded petals and unique, multi-coloured leaves in shades of green and maroon. The flowers are available in red, pink, yellow and white.


The most popular type of orchid in Australia is the Cymbidium, or ‘boat orchid’. Most boat orchids only need watering once a week but need a free draining potting mix. They also do well in hanging baskets and can be hung from your patio roof frame.

Herbs and Ferns

If you need small, attractive plants that take up very little space, you can never go wrong with herbs and ferns. These plants have practically evolved to grow in the shade and require very little upkeep.

Ferns are very attractive because of their distinctive leaf patterns, while herbs are edible and add new flavours to your favourite dishes.

These are just some of the many, beautiful plants you can add to your patio garden.

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