6 Tips for Choosing a Patio Builder

Choosing the right builders for your patio is equivalent to ensuring the quality of the patio itself. You need a company with an experienced team and a portfolio to back their guarantees on quality. Otherwise, you risk investing a lot of time, money, and sometimes, emotional energy on low-quality results.

Here are 6 things you need to do to choose the right builder for your patio.

1. Hire a Local Contractor

It is often better to hire a local contractor than a national or international contractor. This isn’t to say that national or international contractors are necessarily worse builders, but building permit requirements vary between states. A local contractor will be more familiar with the building codes and permit requirements for your area.

2. Check Reviews

Reviews will tell you how a company’s past clients felt about their services.

Company websites often have a testimonial page, but they often choose only favorable reviews to put on their site. Look for reviews outside the company’s website. Try searching for them on Google or go through their Facebook page.

You should also ask your friends and family about a contractor. Even if they haven’t hired that contractor themselves, they might have heard about them or know an acquaintance that has. They would also be able to offer recommendations apart from the contractor you’re considering, giving you more options.

3. View Their Past Projects

As important as reviews is a company’s portfolio. It will show you the quality of the company’s work and give you an idea as to what designs they’re capable of. Take a look at their past projects and, if possible, speak to the company’s past customers. If the company itself offers to put you in contact with their past customers, that’s a good sign they’re confident with their service.

4. Visit Their Showroom

A patio builder’s showroom displays its entire range of available products and materials. This will give you ideas for your patio build, allow you to easily compare them to other companies, and find the patio styles you want.

Visiting their showroom has the additional benefit of allowing you to ask questions about quality and type of material. You might also be able to get advice for your patio.

5. Ask Questions

Talking to a contractor and asking as many questions as possible informs you of their services and their personality. Ask about their experience, approach to projects, warranty, getting approval for patio construction, etc.

If the conversation goes well, and they’re patient, that’s a good sign that they’re willing to communicate. Communication is essential in construction projects to ensure both you and the patio builders you hire are happy with the results.

6. Look Out for These Signs

You can tell a patio builder offers quality customer service when they:

  • Get back to you quickly
  • Are upfront about costs
  • Are friendly (they’ll be at your home during construction, after all)
  • Offer follow-up or repair services
  • Offer transparent end date planning
  • Take care of building permits for you
  • Are licensed and insured

Pay special attention to the last point. If you hire an uninsured contractor, you risk being financially liable should an accident or injury occur.

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