Why You Need a Patio Cover

Investing in our homes’ outdoor and indoor spaces is equally important. In fact, Australia’s sports and outdoors industry’s revenue is expected to surpass US$721.50 million in 2022.

A well-built patio provides an ideal outdoor space to relax and enjoy nature. Whether you are considering the cost efficiency of insulated patio roofing, the advantages of patio roofing are plenty.

Sun Protection

It is tough to enjoy the comfort of your yard if the sun shines directly in your eyes. A patio cover protects you from heat and UV rays without forcing you to retreat indoors. Aside from providing excellent protection from the sun for you, your family, and your pets, it can also keep your outdoor furniture safe.

Instead of worrying about where you will store your outdoor furniture, you can opt to have a patio cover installed. That way, both you and your outdoor possessions will be protected.

Protection from Natural Elements

The sun’s rays are just one weather element that can disrupt your time outdoors. Think of your patio roof as an extension of your house. Having a patio roof installed ensures that you and your loved ones can enjoy the fresh air all year.

A patio cover is a durable structure that guarantees your safety and ensures that your outdoor furniture and similar items are protected from the harsh environment. 

Visual Appeal

Patios are a perfect transitional space from your house to your yard, and having a patio roof installed adds to the value of the outdoor space. Whether you plan on selling your home in the future or want to improve its overall visual appearance, building a patio cover is a great way to achieve that.

You can choose to blend the patio roof with the house roof in terms of colour, shape, and materials, or you can opt to do something completely different. Whether you make your patio cover blend in or stand out is up to you. 


Installing a cover for your patio automatically translates to increasing the space of your house. While the patio is an outdoor space, it becomes almost a part of your home’s indoor space once you cover it with a roof. 

Ideal Insulated Patio Roofing Cost: Just Patios

While installing a patio roof may seem like a rather straightforward process, there are many variables, such as the insulated patio roofing cost, the building timeline, and others. For that reason, choosing the right company to build your patio cover is critical 

Put your and your loved ones’ comfort, security, and enjoyment in the hands of prominent experts in the industry like Just Patios.

We are a team of trusted patio builders in the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast regions. We boast over 20 years of experience and an unrivaled level of workmanship that has led to countless successful projects. Our custom patios not only beautify your home, but also provide the safety and space you need.

Ask for a quote today, and let us create the perfect patio cover for you. We make all of your dream designs a reality.

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