How to Add Character to Your Outdoor Space

It’s a bit harder to decorate outdoor spaces than it is to decorate indoor spaces. You have fewer options. Indoors, you can furnish rooms and use small decorations and books.

Outside, however, there can be so much space that it’s hard to make good use of it. There’s also the heat and rain to consider.

Here’s a short guide so you can decorate your outdoor space.

Deciding on a Theme

The first step is to come up with a theme. Your outdoor space can have any look, but what’s important is choosing something that works with your surroundings. More natural-looking themes are easier to work with outdoors.

But take into account the background of your outdoor space, part of which is your house. Depending on your house’s aesthetics, a modern or rustic look might be more suitable.

Designating a Space

Now that you’ve decided on an overall look, you need to determine how you want to use your outdoor space and how much of it to decorate. Pick a small area near your house and use visual markers to set its boundaries.

You can use plants or an outdoor rug. Getting outdoor flooring installed provides an immediate visual indicator that an area is meant for lounging and other activities.

Create a comfy rest area and surround it with decorations and greenery and provide lots of cushions. Now you have the perfect outdoor space.

Protecting Furniture and Other Items

You might be reluctant to have furniture outside. After all, heat and rain will quickly wear them down.

The solution is to use outdoor furniture covers. With these, you won’t have to worry about wooden furniture or seat cushions getting worn down. Simply cover your furniture when you’re not using them.

You might have smaller objects that you only want to bring out temporarily. For example, you might bring some pillows from your living room couch, or if you have children, they might want to bring some toys outside.

In that case, just have baskets ready to carry things indoors in case of rain. They also help with cleanup in general.

Install a Patio

Having a patio built is perhaps one of the most straightforward ways to deal with the rain and sun. There are many benefits to installing a patio that make it a worthy investment.

Patios provide shade and act as extensions of indoor living spaces. Coupled with outdoor furniture covers and baskets, you will have a lot more protection and options for decorating your home’s exterior.

Decorating Your Patio

With a patio, you can be less picky about what you can use. You can use less hardy plants and display them on a fence or hang paper lanterns without fear of them getting wet.

Perhaps one of the most exciting prospects in terms of decorating options is being able to hang curtains. You will want to use waterproof ones though.

Patios themselves also serve as decorations and are beautiful additions to any home with the space.

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