A Short Guide to Proper Carport Maintenance

Winter has arrived in Brisbane, bringing another three months of cold weather. Apart from your actual home, you need to prepare other structures for the cold weather, including your carport. After all, it’s the only structure standing between your car and potential damage.

Here are ways to keep your carport in great shape.

Inspect the Structure

If you’ve had your carport for more than a year, now is a good time to inspect its structure. Even if it’s made to withstand the elements, rain and hail may cause undue stress to the roof. Months of water damage may also cause it to rust and create punctures, which ultimately lead to leaks. Take a good look at the supporting beams and the ceiling to note any bumps or corrosion. Get a ladder and inspect the roof for any rust or punctures. If there are any, call your carport contractor immediately to remediate these issues. This way, you’re confident that your carport will stay sturdy despite the strong winds and harsh conditions that comes with this season.

Keep it Clean

Once you’re confident that your carport is structurally sound, it’s time to give it a little TLC. Get a hose or pressure washer, detergent soap or bleach, some towels, and a scrubber. Go from top to bottom. Give the floor a rinse and scrub it with soapy water. You’ll be surprised how much lighter it’ll look after you rinse it off.

Next, get a towel and submerge it in a soap and water solution. Scrub each pillar of your carport lightly until all the gunk and dirt are off. Rinse it with the hose and pat dry with another towel to prevent corrosion.

If you use shingles, you may encounter problems with moss. This is especially true if you don’t wash your roof often. One way to get rid of moss is to scrub the affected areas with bleach diluted in water. About half a cup of bleach in four litres of water should be enough to eliminate moss and its spores. Be sure to rinse the washed areas thoroughly and pat dry.

Reseal the Floor

You’ve got your floor all cleaned up. You might as well seal it to maintain its beautiful appearance and prevent damage from road salts. Get a silane or siloxane sealer, as it has water and alkaline-resistant properties. You may also want to seal cracks with caulk first to prevent bumps. Cover up the lower parts of your walls as well to prevent them from getting sealed accidentally.

Pour your sealant onto the floor and spread it with a paint roller. Make sure that every part of your carport floor is sealed evenly. When you’re done, leave it for a few days to dry. For now, consider parking your car on the curb or your neighbour’s extra parking space. After two days, the floor should be dry, shiny, and ready for the elements.

Taking care of your carport is important, but it’s more crucial now that it’s wintertime. This structure is the only thing standing between your car and the rain, hail, and leaf litter that can cause it damage. Give it regular maintenance, and it will surely last a lifetime.

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