4 Considerations in Choosing Patio Builders

Any building improvement can be a hassle – from fixing one of the lights in the hallway to renovating your entire kitchen. Patio work, in particular, requires a deft touch. You’ll need the right materials, planning, licencing, and people for the job.

Searching for the best patio builder for your deck can be overwhelming and time-consuming. You would have to sift through dozens of construction companies with different portfolios, making it hard to find common denominators to compare and rank.

To help you make a decision, we’ve compiled some crucial aspects to look out for when searching for patio builders in Brisbane.

Legitimacy: Licences and Credentials

Building licences are the first things you need to check when looking for patio builders. The appropriate licence for Brisbane is issued by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission or QBCC. Check whether the patio builders have this licence and licence number, which you can confirm on the QBCC website.

Insurance and Warranty

When hiring a contractor for your patio, you need to be certain of the quality of their work. The obvious way to do so is by looking at their portfolio to see their past construction projects. A more subtle way is to check their insurance and warranty policies, how long these will last, and how much you’ll be compensated should something go wrong. You’d want a long warranty period and for the builder party to be fully insured.

Assistance With the Design Process

The process for any construction consists of two parts: design and building. Similarly, there are two ways of going about it. One is that one company can do the design while another works on the construction. This is a good option when you already have the design and need someone to implement it, or if you want to build your patio yourself and need a design.

The other option is finding a company that can do both, and we consider this the better option for anyone who has not had the experience of building a patio. Not only will you get both the design and construction work, but the work might even be completed faster, thanks to a team of designers and builders who have worked together previously.

Knowledge of the Right Paperwork

One of the first steps in building a patio is getting a building permit - which translates to paperwork and navigating the QBCC bureaucratic system. The measure of a good patio builder is their knowledge of all the paperwork that needs to be signed and approved for you to build your patio. They can assist you with the process and handling.

Your Trusted Patio Builders in Brisbane

These considerations give you a high chance of meeting the best contractor for your patio and deck. The right construction company that has all these requirements will perk up your outdoor space. Just Patios is your most trusted patio builder in Brisbane. You can always count on our services. Our builders are insured, licenced, and experts in their field.

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