4 Considerations to Make Before Getting a Patio Built

Renovating your home requires excellent attention to detail and planning, regardless of how big or small the renovation is. And a patio is a reasonably significant renovation.

Before you contact a supplier to get your patio built, consider these four things.

1. What Are Your Goals?

What renovations you decide to get should be in line with your goals. There’s a big difference between renovating for your pleasure or renovating for financial gain.

If your renovation is motivated by pleasure because you want to stay in the house, your main priority should be enhancing its livability. Consider getting premium materials, so you get more use out of them.

A patio would undoubtedly increase your home’s livability, but there might be more important things to consider, like any existing structural problems.

If you’re renovating to flip, then there are a few points to focus on. A more beautiful front, outdoor area, or extension will greatly increase the value of the property. A good patio is all of those and can earn you an ROI of over 80%.

You will also want to improve the kitchen and bathroom, which are points of interest for potential buyers and tenants.

Be sure to consult a local real estate agent. They will more precisely know what buyers want and what renovations you need.

2. What is a Realistic Budget?

Renovating is expensive, and there are a lot of costs you might fail to take into account.

When you get a quote, clarify what is included with the builder. Besides the cost of the construction itself, you will also have to pay for taxes, levies, and additional charges like storage and council fees.

A few things can happen during the renovation that will increase the actual cost, like unforeseen delays. Allocate part of your budget for unexpected expenses.

If you need more funding for your renovation, you can talk to your bank or financial adviser regarding refinancing your existing home loan or getting a construction loan.

3. What DA Approvals Do You Need?

Most external renovations and extensions and internal renovations with structural changes will require council approval. Patios are included in this.

Restrictions for certain structures differ between councils, so be sure to contact your local council and ask about the policies, procedures, and fees associated with building your patio. Your plans will also have to be certified by a building certifier.

4. Which Provider Should Build Your Patio?

You need to ensure your patio supplier is certified, experienced, and can give you what you want. Ask providers for their portfolios and check out their past projects.

You must weigh your options and hire someone that can meet the goals you set for your renovation. Some things to consider are the quality of their workmanship, availability and reliability.

Builders will usually also provide project management. Ask if this is included or if you will need to do it yourself or hire a project manager.

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