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Our Roofing Range

Ausdeck V-line

The Ausdeck V-line is built for entertainment. It can span up to 5.1 metres to beam, allowing for a wide roofed-outdoor living area that uses the least number of posts. With such a smart design, the roof is as strong as it is beautiful.

The Ausdeck V-line has a full Colourbond high gloss roof finish with a VJ underside finish. This is manufactured in high tensile steel and available in a range of colours. You can choose from White, Merino, Smooth Cream, Slate/Merino & Heritage Red/Cream. With a range of options available, it’s easy to find a roofing system that easily blends with the colour and profile of your existing roof.

Insulated Roofing

Just Patios brings quality insulated roofing systems to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. These system’s insulated roofing panels are designed to be installed on any kind of suitable frame. They are available in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm thickness and have an R-Value of up to 1.61 on 50mm, up to 2.26 on 75mm and up to 2.66 on 100mm. With this roofing system’s insulating capabilities, homeowners and business owners can lower heating and cooling costs in their new outdoor living area. Our expert builders will make sure your beautiful roofing is built to last.

Solarspan Roofing

SolarSpan roofing is one of Australia’s best insulated roofing systems. Our clients in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane have enjoyed their insulated roof panels for years. This insulated roofing is ideal for use on any existing frame either timber or steel. Providing a ceiling, insulation and roofing sheet in one product, the SolarSpan roofing is the all-in-one insulated roofing solution for your outdoor extensions.

Prodek Roofing

Prodek Roofing is the best choice for those looking for budget roofing product with a traditional high profile sheet. It offers excellent water-carrying capacity and impressive rigidity, providing maximum weather protection. Prodek Roofing is designed to suit a wide range of applications but is mostly used in carport applications or on existing timber frames. Combining the roofing’s weather-protection properties and our builders’ expert installation skills, you get an economical profile built to last for years.

Polycarb Roofing

Being light-weight and more accessible, Polycarb roofing is a great alternative to glass. It can be used in panels in a Ausdeck V-Line, Ausdeck or Prodek roof to let in extra light but it is not recommended as a complete roof. With the extra light coming in, using artificial light is minimised for greater energy savings.

Polycarb Roofing makes for beautiful designer roofs that make outdoor areas bright and refreshing while remaining water-tight. Suitable for commercial spaces, the system is an effective component to create modern and sophisticated carports and patios.

Corrugated Iron (CGI) Roofing

Corrugated Roofing is ideal for pitched roofs to remove water quickly. It is highly durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions. With its lightweight nature and impressive durability and flexibility, corrugated roofing is a favourite among builders and homeowners. Our offering of CGI roofing comes in all Colourbond colours and is used in our gable patio/carport roof applications only. Having clean lines, CGI roofing gives properties a clean modern look with a timeless appeal.

Stratco Roofing Systems

Just Patios can also supply and install Stratco patios. Our builders have years of experience installing Stratco’s Frontier Patio, Sanctuary Patio and Homeline Patio. This range of patio systems is economical and easy to install. You can choose from freestanding or attached patios and a wide range of colours. With the systems smart design, they make for perfect DIY kits.

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