Enclosed Patio Insulation: Easy Ways to Keep Your Patio Comfortable

Patio enclosures are a great way to extend your living space. You can turn your enclosed patio into a home office, a lounge area or a hobby room — all of which maximise the use of your property. To turn your enclosed patio into a multifunctional space, though, you need to insulate the area to make it usable even during the hotter months.  

Fortunately, it’s easy to insulate patio enclosures. You can even do most of the solutions yourself to save on labour fees. Keep our patio insulation tips in mind when you construct or renovate your property so your enclosed patio stays comfortable even during summer.

Patio Roof Insulation

Insulating your patio roof greatly reduces heat gain and loss in the space, which makes it easier for your HVAC system to keep the temperature inside at a comfortable level. One of the most convenient insulation solutions for patios is insulated roof panels.

Insulated patio roof panels offer high R-values even in thinner assemblies, unlike commonly used fiberglass ceiling insulation materials, which you need to get in thicker variants to achieve a higher R-value.

Insulated metal panels are also lauded for their design flexibility. They’re available in a range of colours, finishes and sizes, so you can find panels that complement the design theme of your home.

Additionally, DIY kits for insulated patio roofing systems are available. You can opt for these products if you’re looking to save a few bucks on installation fees. Just make sure to purchase insulated panels with the appropriate R-value for the size of your patio and your location.

Glass Wall Insulation

Patios typically use glass for the enclosure to maintain the outdoor setting and views even with the space closed off. If this is the case for your home, you want to make sure that the type of glass you use is a double-glaze.

Double-glazed glass offers extra insulating power because the air trapped between the two panes prevents heat from escaping or entering the room. You can raise the insulation value of your windows or glass walls even more by installing window treatments.

Draperies, blinds and shades reduce heat transmission through the glass and, in turn, lowers your energy consumption. Additionally, window treatments also give you more control over how much natural light you want to let into the room.

Patio Floor Insulation

When working on the enclosure’s insulation, don’t forget the patio floor. In fact, if your budget permits, you can rip out the entire floor to install a vapor barrier underneath and add the insulation material in between the floor joists. You can also opt for fiberglass batts since these are easy to cut into smaller pieces to fit the space snugly.

Cover the insulation with a layer of plywood to hold it in place; you’ll be able to install your flooring of choice afterwards. If you’re using wooden planks, make sure to caulk between the slabs to seal gaps that let out conditioned air.

Of course, this assumes that you’ll be doing the upgrades yourself. If you’re not confident with your DIY skills, however, you can always have a contractor insulate your enclosed patio for you.

The advantage of hiring a professional is that they know how to determine the spots in your patio enclosure that need insulation and how high an R-value the space requires. This would be an added reassurance that your glass room is adequately insulated and energy-efficient.

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