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Our patio range & designs

Insulated Patio Brisbane

Flat / Skillion - Insulated Patio

This roofing material is substantially cooler in summer and is a step up from our non insulated range. It offers a ceiling like appearance underside with the added benefit of being able to install lights & ceiling fans. This option is great if you are considering making the area into a room at a later date. It has all the options of the non insulated roofing, with long spans & reducing the need for beams & rafters. This leaves you with a very low maintenance, high quality patio area with a range of colours to match your house.
Patio Builders Brisbane

Flat / Skillion - Non Insulated Patio

This is one of our most popular designs creating extra space for your outside area. Long spanning Colourbond roofing eliminates the need for extra beams & rafters, and provides you the ceiling height you require. Our roofing comes in a range of colours and finishes to blend in with your existing gutters & fascia, complimenting your home.
Brisbane Patios

Flyover Patio

A flyover patio is a design which over the years has grown more popular with home owners. This design is elevated above your existing gutter line creating air flow and extra height. The added height gives you the feeling of space and allows extra natural lighting to filter through. This design can be built with both insulated and non-insulated roofing products. If you want the feeling of space and light this option is ideal and a great alternative.
Gable Patios Brisbane

Gable Design Patio

There are a range of different designs and materials we can use to create the look you desire in a gable patio. Gable designs give you extra height, space & air flow – great for the summer months. Insulated & non insulated roofing can be used depending on the look and style you prefer. These are very popular and a valuable addition to your home. Let us help you customise your new gable patio today so you can sit back and enjoy if for years to come.

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