What to Consider When Choosing the Right Carport

When choosing a carport, consider both its function as well as its aesthetic. Size and construction are two of the most important aspects to consider with regard to function. As for aesthetic aspects, consider the style of the roof. You want to make sure your carport adds value to your home. The carport you finally have will depend on your budget and the building company you choose. At Just Patios, we provide quality-built custom carports on the Sunshine Coast.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The right carport size will provide your equipment and vehicle with maximum protection for many years. There may be challenges if you don’t take into full consideration the size of carport you want. For instance, getting a custom size without measuring your vehicles or equipment can result in a carport that only covers a small space. It is also the case that you might overestimate the space needed.

Perhaps you only need a shelter for one compact car. In this case, a standard sized carport is an appropriate choice. However, if you own a large truck and have extra equipment to store, consider a double or triple carport. To avoid choosing the wrong size, it’s best to get a carport builder’s advice on finding out the most suitable size for your vehicle and equipment.

Construction Style

After choosing the size, decide on how it will be constructed. There are two styles of carport construction: freestanding and attached. With freestanding carports, you can choose wherever you want your carport to be installed on your property as long as you follow local council and national construction codes.

By using attached carports, you can save construction expenses. You don’t need to pay for the construction of one side of the carport because it’s already attached to your home. What you need to do is to consider the stability of your carport carefully. When we construct carports, we guarantee that it is constructed using robust materials.

Roof Design

Most Australian homes have one of three roof designs: flat, skillion or gabled. Flat roofs are the most popular roof among the three types. In most cases, they are the most affordable and easiest to install among the three. However, they can be challenging to drain and susceptible to damage from ice forming and water pooling. Without altering its appearance, a slight incline makes a difference in draining and cleaning the roof.

Skillion roofs are flat roofs with a significant slope. Many contemporary homes use a skillion roof for its distinctive profile and passive climate control features. Modern homes use the same roof for their carport to complement the designs.

As for gabled roofs, they are can mimic the style of your home exterior. Although they require more materials and labour than the other roofs, the finish can enhance the appearance of your home exterior design. Gabled roofs are suitable for homes situated in areas with a high chance of rainfall or snow. The roof’s material allows rain or snow to drain off easily.

Contact Just Patios

We provide all roof designs and construction styles mentioned above. If you prefer a different design, we will gladly customise your carport to suit your specifications. With our carports, you can keep your vehicle or equipment in top shape. Call 1300 284 531 or send us a quote through our contact page.


Parking in Style: Why You Should Have a Carport Built in Your Home

When the weather changes, our bodies adapt to it. When the sun is out, we bring out our bathing suits and sunglasses. To combat the cold, we wear whatever we can to keep warm.

What we often forget is that in cooler or wetter seasons, even cars get the chills. On hotter days, the cars suffer from intense heat, too. They may not breathe and speak like human beings, but they sure get hit by bad weather the same way we do.

An Umbrella for Your Car

That is why carports exist. They act as a barrier between your vehicle and the extremities of climate, preventing high and low temperature changes from damaging your car. Carports ‘protect your vehicle from harmful summer rays, winter snow, sleet or rain’, remarks SpeedLux Media.

Carports are especially economical for those with smaller homes and or where there is no money for a renovation for a garage. They are easy to install and having fewer walls than a garage, give good ventilation for storing vehicles.

Aesthetic Appeal

Outdoor spaces are the best places for garden parties. When you have a carport, just park your car in front of your house for a day to have a patio where you can invite guests for barbecue or wine nights. It is a trend these days to create a comfortable space with chairs and tables for a festive feel. Using your carport as a gathering area gives you more value for your money.

The demand for carport construction has surged in recent years particularly as a result of the unpredictable weather that can be experienced in Brisbane and surrounding areas. After all who wants their vehicle pummelled by large hail stones or torrential rain!

Experienced designers at Just Patios design and customise carports for clients in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. You name your ideal carport and we can bring it to life for you..

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