Keeping Your Carport Structurally Sound and Spic and Span

Just Patios carports are incredibly durable and low maintenance, but they need some care as well to extend their service life. Keep them structurally sound and beautiful for longer with this carport maintenance checklist:

Start from the top: the roof and gutters

Regularly check your roof for leaves and dirt buildup as they can trap moisture, leading to corrosion spots. You can wash down the debris with water and use liquid soap if there are stains on your roof.

If your carport has gutters, make sure they are not clogged with leaves. You can also consider having gutter guards installed to prevent leaves from clogging your gutter and lessen the cleaning that you have to do.

Maintain the supporting structures: the support columns and beams

Debris can cling to your beams and support columns which can lead to staining or rust damage. Wipe down these structures once in a while to remove any dirt build up. If you spot any rust, it is best to act on it immediately. To treat rust, remove scales with a wire brush, sand the affected portion thoroughly and dust it down. Use rust killer before spot priming, then use undercoat followed by your top finishing.

Strengthen your base: the carport floor

Cleaning floors regularly helps preserve its integrity. On most days, you can clean them with a broom, but it is also ideal to power wash your floors once in a while.

If your car leaks and your floor has oil and grease spots, you can remove these by covering it with a layer of cat litter or sawdust for at least one day. These materials absorb excess oil, making it easier to clean the area. Once you’ve swept off the dust or litter, pour a cleaning agent on the stain, let it sit for 45 minutes and rinse it off with boiling water.

As the carport floor is subject to heavy wear and tear, you can also extend its life by recoating it every few years.

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