The Latest Trends in Designing Patios You Shouldn’t Ignore

Owning a home is not just an investment; it is a significant milestone that most people in Brisbane work very hard to reach. It never stops there, though; homeowners still strive to make their homes as unique and elegant as they can.

That calls for creative designing of structures and spaces without compromising functionality, with the most recent being using insulated patios. But you need to master the following latest trends in the design of insulated patios to know which one befits you most:

Fire Pits

Fireplaces are not only for the indoor space; they increase the appeal for outdoor areas as well. Installing an outdoor fire pit lights up your patio and creates warmth so you can enjoy your time outdoors even when it is cold.

You could choose a wood or gas fireplace as an addition to your patio space, as long as it meets your local building codes for safety. Covering these fireplaces with the right patio cover will extend their service life.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Homeowners are today appreciating that, using eco-friendly materials to build their patios and erect patio covers will not only conserve the environment but also reduce energy loss within the structures. That drastically reduces the utility costs on heating and cooling.

Long-Lasting Furniture

Any patio set can match your outdoor design. However, more people are resorting to getting furniture that matches not only their outdoor space but also one that will serve them longer.

Using insulated patio covers can enhance the durability of outdoor furniture, including seats, benches and pool tables so that it serves its purpose for an extended period without requiring renovation or replacement.

Regardless of your taste and style, there is no limit to the design you can use for your patio. Incorporating these latest trends, and using the right insulated patio covers, increases the usability of your patio, which is a significant investment you will enjoy for years in your Brisbane home.

The 3 Things You Need to Enjoy the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

A structural change can add value to your property. If you’re looking to grow wealth and don’t want to wait too long for profits to come in, a strategic renovation will serve this purpose. And building a patio is a good option to consider.

Why a Patio?

A patio not only provides an extension to your living space. Properties with outdoor living spaces also attract buyers. If you intend to sell your home, later on, a well-built, beautiful patio can draw more offers, which will allow you, in turn, to get a return on your investment. The key to maximising your patio is to make sure it has all the essential features you (and future buyers) will need.

Here are three things that create a perfectly comfortable and gorgeous patio:

The right roofing structure

Queensland goes through hot, humid summers and dry winters. Temperatures can be unforgiving when you’re outdoors for too long. You need your patio to provide sufficient protection so you can use it as long as you like — rain or shine.

Our roofing products come in insulated and non-insulated options. They also come in designs and materials that create cooler summers. Our gabled roof, for example, not only provides good airflow for those humid months but also has great visual appeal.

For winters, you could consider installing an outdoor heater, or an outdoor fireplace.

The right location

Your patio’s location can maximise the breeze, sunlight and views of your home. The Just Patios team can help you choose the best location so you get the most from this outdoor living space.

The right lighting, furniture and the ultimate barbeque equipment

The right lighting and furniture ensure comfort for whatever purpose the outdoor space serves, whether it’s for parties or simply for reading and relaxing. And what would a patio be without barbeque equipment? Tossing a steak on the barbie is one of life’s simple pleasures and a must-do, on your new patio!

Patios enhance your lifestyle and add value to your property. Call us today and we’ll help you get the ideal outdoor living space for your home.