Flexible Spaces: 4 Different Ways to Use Your Sunroom

Sunrooms are flexible spaces that serve as a great addition to your home. Its glass enclosures allow natural light to stream in, creating a cosy space to lounge and entertain guests.

Sunrooms are commonly used as an extended living room where family members can relax and entertain guests, but what if you need space for something else? Here are four creative ways of using your sunroom:


A sunroom may not be your first choice for an extra bedroom, but it’s an option to consider. The size and shape of the room determine the layout, but make sure to create a cosy atmosphere for guests. If there’s no one using the bedroom, you can always use it as a sitting area.

Dining Room

Moving your dining room to the sunroom is a way to free up additional space in your home. Include stylish furniture and d├ęcor so that the sunroom can be a bright and cheery place to enjoy meals. Add a shelf or storage cabinet for easy access to dishes, glassware and linens. Use curtains to add insulation during winter and to provide privacy when needed.


Sunrooms are a great space to grow an indoor garden since the windows help trap the heat and humidity that suits many plant species. Fill the room with a variety of plant styles and sizes for a superb look. Add wood potting benches to hold gloves, tools and watering cans, and a larger table to pot and prune plans.

Home Office

Using the sunroom as a home office is a creative way to boost your health and productivity. Being surrounded by natural light and having access to a view of the outdoors makes you more productive. It’s also great to have a separate space to shift your mind from home mode to work mode, and a sunroom reduces your distractions from the rest of the house.

How you organise your space depends on the size of the room, but even small sunrooms can fit a small desk and chair. Larger rooms can accommodate filing cabinets and bigger desks. Make sure to add power sources to charge your laptop and other devices.

Improving the value of your home and potentially lowering your electric bill are a few of the benefits of a sunroom. Once you have it, you have a variety of choices on how to use it. Whether you want to use the sunroom as a living room, a spare bedroom or a home office, make sure to style it with function in mind while maximising the comfort it provides.

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