Keeping Your Glass Room Warm during the Winter

Glass rooms allow you to expand your living area and enjoy the outdoors without leaving the comfort of your home. There are many glass enclosures for patios to choose from, with price ranges that suit different budgets, giving you the flexibility to choose which best fits your home design, as well as the needs of you and your family.

A glass room is best enjoyed during the warm months, becoming an extra space for relaxation and social gatherings, but what happens when the months turn cold? Discover helpful tips on how to keep your glass room warm during the winter so you can use it every season.


Before spending money to heat your glass room, make sure to insulate it first. Start by installing weather-stripping around windows to keep warm air from leaking around the frames. Add a layer of clear, insulated plastic to the surface of your windows. You can also apply tints on your windows, although doing so might slightly diminish your view of the outdoors.

Consider insulating your walls and ceilings as well. Although this can be a hefty expense, it ensures your glass room feels warm and cosy during the cold seasons.

Set up a Heat Source

Connect your glass room to your home’s HVAC system to adjust the temperature when the weather turns chilly. Fireplaces and portable heaters also work to keep the area cosy during the winter. When installing a fireplace, make sure you’re complying with standard regulations. Make sure to use these heat sources only when you’re in the room and unplug them when you leave to minimise your energy bills.

Add Drapery

Thermal-insulated draperies produce an extra barrier between the glass panes and the outdoors and give you privacy. Cover your windows at night or when it’s cloudy, then open them during the day to let light into the room.

Keep Your Floor Warm

Hardwood or tile floors can be cold during the winter. Keep your feet from cold, hard surfaces by covering your floors with carpets and rugs. These also reduce heat loss in the glass room.

Circulate Heat

A ceiling fan doesn’t generate any considerable heat, but it maximises the heat that’s already in the room. If you have a fan in your glass room, turn it on and let it slowly circulate the air in your glass room so you can feel the warm air.

There’s no need to stay away from your glass room because of the cold temperatures. By following the above tips, you can spend more time in your extended living space, whether it’s by yourself or with loved ones.

Glass Room Enclosures Perfect for All Seasons

Whether you need to extend your living space or add value to your home, Just Patios has the glass rooms for you. Trust our team to create a glass enclosure for your patio so you can enjoy relaxing and accommodating guests in a functional, sophisticated and well-designed space.

Our licenced and professional builders have years of experience in creating and designing patio enclosures that fit different client lifestyles. We use materials that are constructed with high standards so that the end result is a beautiful addition to your home. Our team makes an effort to finish the job promptly and professionally.

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Using Insulated Roof Panels For Different Parts Of Your Home

One of the most worthwhile home improvement projects you can undertake is a solid roofing improvement. Installing solid, insulated roofing in Brisbane can add to your property’s value and ensure sufficient protection from the elements throughout the year. Insulated roofing provides excellent thermal performance and durability with little upkeep. Different areas of your property can benefit from this solution, including the following:

  1. Porch

Hang out, relax, and spend time with friends and family under your porch. With insulated roofing overhead, you won’t have to worry about the afternoon heat damaging your outdoor furniture. The panels block the elements to ensure that you are comfortable at any time of the day. This feature can also be an added selling point should you decide to sell your home.

  1. Pergola

The pergola is a shaded seating area or walkway designed with posts that support crossbeams and an open lattice. By upgrading to insulated roofing, you can transform your ordinary pergola into an interesting social space.

  1. Carport

Using the same roofing material from your house to all its extended parts gives a seamless, uniform look. Install the same insulated panels on your carport to enhance comfort and curb appeal on this area. Since the material is easy to install, you won’t have to spend more money on its placement.

  1. Granny Flat

If you’re planning to add a granny flat to house an ageing parent or relative, then an insulated roof will deliver utmost relief and relaxation. It can also reduce noise during heavy rains so your loved one can sleep soundly and without a problem.

Investing in a high-quality roof will not only enhance your home’s comfort and landscape profile, but it can also yield lucrative profits when you resell. Install it to upgrade different parts of your home and enjoy your daily living in style.

How to Plan a Successful House Extension Project

Building a home extension is one good way to expand your family’s living space while significantly increasing your home’s resale value.

While building a patio extension or new sunroom sounds exciting, it’s important to understand that such home extension projects can be quite challenging. You have to prepare a budget, check your local government’s building regulations, and find the best contractor in town.

Here are some important reminders when planning a home extension.

Know the whys

Have a clear understanding of why you’re having a home extension project. If you talk to a patio supplier, you will most probably be asked about your objectives first. Is the project for aesthetic purposes or is it function-driven? Styling will be a key factor to consider if it’s to improve your home’s look and feel. Your family’s comfort and living needs must be the priority if you’re building it as a functional outdoor space.

Consider your home design

An excellent home extension must blend seamlessly with your existing home structure and design. It must create harmony with the present elements and must not break the overall appeal of your house. Take into account the most prominent features of the existing design and incorporate it into the extension. Roof, walls, and windows, are key features that must match the elements of your new patio or outdoor room.

Make a realistic budget

In any home extension project, the last thing you would want to happen is to overspend. You can prevent this by setting a budget. To do this effectively, you need to be aware of the associated expenses. Experts suggest allotting an extra 10-20% allowance to serve as a contingency fund in case unexpected costs arise. Also, know the local regulations so you can save yourself from potential fines.

Remember that any home extension project requires extensive planning and logistics. Otherwise, you may not meet your expectations with your new patio or room, or worse put your money to waste.

Transform Your Patio into a Reading Room with These Tips

Imagine a haven that offers the comfort of the indoors and the relaxing view of the outdoors. Then turn that haven into a reading room. It might just the best project for the bookworm in you.

To ensure that your new room has all the elements for total immersion, we have some ideas to inspire you:

Fill the room with a selection of comfortable seating.

If you like to change positions while reading, fill your reading room with different kinds of seating furniture. A Cleopatra seat or a chaise lounge offers a comfortable spot for lying down, while a tub or a Lawson are good options if you’re the type to sit up straight when reading. Having a beanbag chair (or two) on a beautiful rug can also make your reading room look cosier. Of course, no reading room is complete without throw pillows so make sure to add a few.

Keep out the noise.

A reading room should be a haven. Keep the noise and stressors away with noise-reducing curtains. They’re the most cost-effective way to minimise outside noise and absorb indoor sounds. You may also consider padded carpeting and acoustic ceilings. If you want to invest in your noise-proof sanctuary, sound-blocking doors and acoustic deadening panels will do the trick.

Ensure sufficient lighting throughout the day.

The beauty of turning a patio into an enclosure comes from the rich source of natural light coming from the glass doors, walls and windows. Most book lovers, however, love to read well into the night, so select ceiling lights that are advised for reading and place reading lamps near your chairs.

Give your books a lovely home.

Custom shelves dramatically transform sun rooms into a stately reading room. There’s no limit to the types of shelving you can use. For a whimsical look, consider textured fabrics suspended with iron rods. If you prefer a rustic design, using wooden panels suspended by barn rope creates a romantic touch. You can even repurpose items and use wine crates or pipes.

After the basics, it really only takes your imagination to transform your new enclosure into the reading room of your dream.

Ready to bask in your new reading room? Contact Just Patios today and let our expert builders convert your outdoor living area into an indoor sanctuary.

Turn Your Sun Room into a Mediterranean Retreat with These Design Ideas

If you are looking for ideas for your patio enclosure, the climate of the Sunshine Coast allows you to explore many themes. For example, you can easily turn your room extension into a Mediterranean haven with a bit of paint, colourful tiles and vibrant textiles. Choose among the styles of Italy, Morocco, Greece or any country blessed enough to be lapped by the Mediterranean Sea.

The Warm Tuscan Villa

Wrought iron fixtures, travertine floors and earth-coloured stucco or plaster walls are just some of the characteristics of Tuscan interior design. Hang sheer white drapes around the room, add a rustic ceiling fan above and you have a little piece of Italy in your home. Plant olive or lemon trees near your patio or bring pots of lavender or rosemary inside to complete the look.

The Vibrant Moroccan Home

The Moroccan style gives a rich fusion of colours and a touch of Moorish grace. Emulate the style by dedicating a strip of your wall for a mosaic, or paint your walls with a rich cream colour and place a mosaic tabletop at the center of your patio. If you choose to have a sofa, choose one with a warm colour and fill it with different coloured throw pillows. Add strong wooden beams to your ceiling, and hang intricately designed Moroccan lamps around the room ‒ then you’re all set.

The Relaxing Greek Patio

Think of Greek interior design and whites and blues immediately come to mind. Add wooden roof beams, include sheer white drapes that hang from ceiling to floor and add a bonsai bougainvillea to give a modern twist to a classic Greek look. Line your floors with white and blue tiles for a mesmerising look.

Many automatically assume that the Mediterranean style is only for grandiose homes, but it can also be used in simpler houses to create a homey space.

Just Patios is dedicated to creating beautiful and structurally sound additions. We’ve created patios, carports, room enclosures and other outdoor living areas for Brisbane’s business and residential sector.

For more room extension ideas, view our other blogs or contact us today.

After Catios Come the Tortoise Dome: New Uses for Outdoor Enclosures

With some creativity, the possibilities in personalising outdoor enclosures are endless.

Many install outdoor enclosures to create an entertainment room for the family. A vast number of Australians, meanwhile, construct small granny flats to provide elderly parents with their space while maintaining their independence.

These, however, are not the only uses for an outdoor enclosure. You can personalise your patio to turn it into a luxury spot that the entire family, furry members included, can enjoy:

Pet Sanctuary

In our previous blog, we featured the catio. This time, we’ll tell you about the tortoise dome: a garage-sized Crystal Maze-inspired dome one father built for his family’s pet tortoises.  Paul Gordon constructed a heated habitat for the family’s Sulcata tortoises, George and Mozart. He researched into geodesic domes, found inspiration for a greenhouse, and built a hutch from scratch. Just like Paul Gordon and couple Don and Yvette Bacha who started the catio trend, you can create a pet-friendly outdoor sanctuary for your pets.

Mini Hideaway

Turn your enclosure into a mini-hideaway for your children. Fill the room with books, toys, and even art materials that will keep them busy. You may also want to include some mats, a few comfy pillows, and a throw for their afternoon nap. The idea is to provide the children with space where they can learn while having fun.

Music Room

Take your guitars and musical instruments out to the patio. By taking some soundproofing measures, such as installing thick curtains or a soundproof door, you can create a room where you can make or record good music.

Art Corner

For art lovers, an outdoor enclosure can also be a great space for making art. If you live in a home with a beautiful view, you can use nature as an inspiration for your art. For an unobstructed vista of your outdoor space, ask Just Patios to use extensive amounts of glass when constructing your outdoor enclosure. Our team of licensed builders will make sure that your outdoor area will turn out just the way you want it: beautiful and fully-functional.

Fill out our form or call us on 1300 284 531 to receive a free quote.

The ‘Catio’: Transforming Your Patio Enclosure into a Playground for Feline Friends

At Just Patios, we have written about many ways you can spruce up or redecorate your room enclosure to turn a simple home extension into a beautiful bespoke space. The possibilities are endless.

Don and Yvette Bacha discovered another patio transformation idea after doing their research on the new ‘catio craze’ in Britain and Australia. They were happy to know they could emulate the outdoors for their feline friends as they had the space they needed.

What is a ‘Catio’?

A catio is exactly what it sounds like: an enclosed home extension built for pet cats. They give your cats a splendid view as well as a safe place for them to exercise or laze around in.

Catios come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Some homeowners prefer small cage conservatories while others would love to give their pets the entire patio enclosure. Often furnished with shelves, scratching posts, climbing stairs and catwalks, the catio is a wonderland for your cats—they’ll never want to leave it.

From Room Enclosure to Kitty Zone

Transforming your patio enclosure into a catio isn’t an easy feat but Carolyn Somers, a self-proclaimed cat lover, has three catio construction tips that you can take note of:

  1. Do your own research.

Look at photos and blog articles of other homeowners who have their own catios. Take inspiration from other builders when arranging the furniture inside your catio.

  1. Be creative.

Most catio exteriors are just plain cages. Feel free to talk to us about your preferred screening options or glass window configurations. Shop for fun cat furniture that you think your pets will enjoy. We can advise you on safety options to keep your feline friends from overheating.

  1. Sweat the small stuff.

Your cats can be a little choosy about what goes into their playground. Make sure you have them test out the room themselves before settling on a final design.

Just Patios has a team of fully licensed builders that want you and your family to enjoy a functional and well-designed patio space. For a free quote, fill in the form on our website or call us on 1300 284 531.

Make it Pop! Colour Ideas for Your Patio Enclosure

Just because you’ve closed off your patio from the garden, doesn’t mean it has to be drab. Liven up your sunroom with teeming colours and these design ideas.

Where You Can Inject Colour

There are many places where you can inject colours. The key is striking a balance. The most obvious options are furniture, throw pillows and rugs, but you can go further than that.

If you are feeling brave, paint your walls with a bright colour. If you are feeling really brave, use several colours and turn your wall into a canvas.

For those who enjoy frequently changing their home’s interiors, colourful wall art might be a better option as they can be easily removed and transferred to a different room.

If you have a high ceiling, lead your guests’ eyes up by having colourful hanging light fixtures. You can also add colourful wind chimes outside your windows to create a framing effect when you look out to your garden.

Possible Colour Themes

The best colours are the colours that speak to your heart. To find the best theme for you, think of something you really like and use it as a colour inspiration. To jog your mind explore these examples:

Summer Fruits

Keep it summer in your sunroom, by adorning it with the colours of summer fruits. Think of the watermelon’s red, black, green and light green colours. Or the grapefruit’s reds, pinks, oranges and yellows. Nature is full of lovely contrasting and complementary colours, something which can be imitated by interior design.

Carnival in Rio

What can beat the vibrancy of the biggest festival in the world? Think of the colours of the Amazon’s most exotic birds, add some hints of metallic colours and you have a room that can dazzle under the Australian sun.

Having an additional living space is a great opportunity for you to use your creativity. If you do not have your own enclosure yet, we are the best people to call for patio enclosures in Brisbane.

Liven Up Your Patio Enclosure with these Potted Plants

There’s nothing quite like having your morning coffee in your own sunroom. You can sip your blend, made just to your liking, while the sun’s rays enter the windows and there’s nothing for you to do except enjoy the day. To complete the alluring picture, why not make that sunroom just that little more comfortable and add these plants to freshen up the air and brighten up your interiors:

Prayer plants (Maranta leuconeura) are evergreen perennials, brightening up your room throughout the year. They have mesmerising leaf markings, creating an illusion that smaller leaves were painted on them. What’s more fascinating about this plant is that their leaves may move upwards or fold at night as if they were praying.

Moth orchids (Phalaenopsis spp.) add a delicate beauty to your patio enclosure. They are perfect for sunrooms as they love bright light and want shelter from cold draughts. Those with white petals can add a clean softening touch to your interiors. Those with purple petals give a vibrant pop to a room.

Madagascar Dragon Trees (Dracaena marginata) can make any interior look as if they were professionally designed. Placed in a beautiful pot and grown to a good height, it presents like a sculpture-l and is a complete stunner. Placed in a bright spot and watered once a month, they are a great option for those not blessed with green thumbs or those who travel a lot.

Air Plants (Tillandsia) are now the rage in restaurants, bars and interior design expos. They look delicate because of their size and the thinness of their foliage, yet the varied direction of their leaves make them look formidable and spunky. You can place them on a table, hang them from the ceiling or use them as living wall art.

There are more plants you can try that love the Australian climate. You can stay tuned to our blog for more ideas for your patio enhancement project.

Having patio enclosures in Brisbane gives families the perfect relaxation spot or entertaining room. When you’re ready for that home extension, just call 1300 284 531.

Little Pleasures You Can Add to Make the Perfect Sunroom

Thinking of getting patio enclosures? You’re making the right move as having an additional living space increases the value of your home and gives your family another place to use for storage, work or play. You can make your patio enclosure into a lovely sunroom with these elements.

Think Comfort

The very purpose of a sunroom is to let you relax or enjoy a space that lets you take in the sun and the natural landscape. Padded chairs, Cleopatra chairs and sun beds are all welcome additions to a sunroom. Throwing in pillows of various shapes, colours and sizes can make the sunroom very enticing and fun.

Bring In a Bit of Nature

Add potted plants to your sunroom to give it beautiful natural colours, textures and a natural fresh scent. This creates a connecting element between your interiors and exteriors. This also creates a natural ambience, conducive to relaxation.

Add a Bit of Privacy

Your sunroom doesn’t have to be open all the time. You can get a bit more privacy or lessen the light that comes in with some drapes or shades. Light white curtains can create a whimsical effect for your sunroom. Bamboo or wood shades can give better privacy and add another natural element to your sunroom.

Add Some Extra Comforts

Ceiling fans provide a welcome breeze on warm days and have an ornamental appeal. If you have a little extra in your budget, you can include an AC system to your sunroom for really hot days. For winter, a small beautiful fireplace can make a beautiful addition to your sunroom and keep you warm.

You can add more things that suit your personality and your needs. Your options are endless.

When you’re ready to have that sunroom built, give us a call. At Just Patios, we can make room enclosures that match your existing home and can be enjoyed by your family the whole year round.