Using a Carport for Your Boat

A boat is an affordable luxury for many living near the ocean. Much like any vehicle, regular maintenance and proper care ensures prolongs its life. One of the simplest ways to take care of a boat is storing it in a clean and safe place. While some owners leave their boat outside under covers, investing in a proper structure to house the vessel will safeguard it from factors that can cause damages, including corrosion from the salty sea air.

For those who love messing about in the water along the Sunshine Coast, a carport is a good investment for boats. Although typically made and used for cars, a carport is a cost-effective and practical structure to shelter other items and vehicles. The ease of storage, cost of installation compared to a garage or garage extension, and the elimination of mooring fees have made it a popular choice for weekend sailors who choose to keep their boats at home.

Effective Storage

Carports are freestanding structures that have durable roofs with a steel or wooden beam support. Depending on the size of your property, a carport can be designed to accommodate most small boats. Storing your boat in a carport at home will not only make your property look neater and better organised, it will also increase the storage area and improve the value of your property.  It provides overhead protection while giving enough space to move around your boat, to store tools and accessories and conduct maintenance under shelter from the elements.

Protection from the Elements

The Sunshine Coast has an average of seven hours of sunshine a day but the climate can be muggy with up to 75 per cent humidity. While the area does not see much change in its weather, exposure to the elements over long periods of time can result in rust and sun damage. A carport is an effective and convenient way to protect your boat from heat, direct sunlight, and rainfall. This structure also provides cover from bird droppings and stray twigs and leaves from nearby trees.

Better Security

Having your boat underneath a structure next to your home decreases the risk of theft or damage. While a carport is usually open on all sides, it still gives you the benefit of security. Often built on the driveway next to the house, it provides a more secure option for personal belongings and equipment on the boat than if parked on the street or left in a boatyard or marina.

Professionally Made Carports from Just Patios

Just Patios specialises in providing homeowners in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast with patios, room enclosures, and carports. Our team of builders delivers a high standard of workmanship that meets your requirements. We provide high-quality carports that are customised to your needs and are priced competitively to suit your budget. We are committed to providing you with a carport that will help you keep your boat in prime condition.

For more information about our wide range of designs and our construction services, call us on 1300 284 531 or fill in our contact form here:

Using Insulated Roof Panels For Different Parts Of Your Home

One of the most worthwhile home improvement projects you can undertake is a solid roofing improvement. Installing solid, insulated roofing in Brisbane can add to your property’s value and ensure sufficient protection from the elements throughout the year. Insulated roofing provides excellent thermal performance and durability with little upkeep. Different areas of your property can benefit from this solution, including the following:

  1. Porch

Hang out, relax, and spend time with friends and family under your porch. With insulated roofing overhead, you won’t have to worry about the afternoon heat damaging your outdoor furniture. The panels block the elements to ensure that you are comfortable at any time of the day. This feature can also be an added selling point should you decide to sell your home.

  1. Pergola

The pergola is a shaded seating area or walkway designed with posts that support crossbeams and an open lattice. By upgrading to insulated roofing, you can transform your ordinary pergola into an interesting social space.

  1. Carport

Using the same roofing material from your house to all its extended parts gives a seamless, uniform look. Install the same insulated panels on your carport to enhance comfort and curb appeal on this area. Since the material is easy to install, you won’t have to spend more money on its placement.

  1. Granny Flat

If you’re planning to add a granny flat to house an ageing parent or relative, then an insulated roof will deliver utmost relief and relaxation. It can also reduce noise during heavy rains so your loved one can sleep soundly and without a problem.

Investing in a high-quality roof will not only enhance your home’s comfort and landscape profile, but it can also yield lucrative profits when you resell. Install it to upgrade different parts of your home and enjoy your daily living in style.

How to Plan a Successful House Extension Project

Building a home extension is one good way to expand your family’s living space while significantly increasing your home’s resale value.

While building a patio extension or new sunroom sounds exciting, it’s important to understand that such home extension projects can be quite challenging. You have to prepare a budget, check your local government’s building regulations, and find the best contractor in town.

Here are some important reminders when planning a home extension.

Know the whys

Have a clear understanding of why you’re having a home extension project. If you talk to a patio supplier, you will most probably be asked about your objectives first. Is the project for aesthetic purposes or is it function-driven? Styling will be a key factor to consider if it’s to improve your home’s look and feel. Your family’s comfort and living needs must be the priority if you’re building it as a functional outdoor space.

Consider your home design

An excellent home extension must blend seamlessly with your existing home structure and design. It must create harmony with the present elements and must not break the overall appeal of your house. Take into account the most prominent features of the existing design and incorporate it into the extension. Roof, walls, and windows, are key features that must match the elements of your new patio or outdoor room.

Make a realistic budget

In any home extension project, the last thing you would want to happen is to overspend. You can prevent this by setting a budget. To do this effectively, you need to be aware of the associated expenses. Experts suggest allotting an extra 10-20% allowance to serve as a contingency fund in case unexpected costs arise. Also, know the local regulations so you can save yourself from potential fines.

Remember that any home extension project requires extensive planning and logistics. Otherwise, you may not meet your expectations with your new patio or room, or worse put your money to waste.

The Benefits of Flat and Gabled Roof Carports

There are numerous benefits that come with adding a carport to your house. It protects your vehicle from being damaged by the elements, be it rain, hail or sunlight. Additionally, it can easily be customized to suit your home’s exterior, and not stick out like a sore thumb.There are many types of designs but the two most common are gable and flat roof carports. Here are some details to help you make an informed decision about the right carport for your home.

Gable Roof

Gable roof carports have two sloping sides that meet at the ridge to form a triangular point when viewed from the front. They are usually available as a standard gable or a Dutch gable. Both of them are popular as attached carports complement a home, particularly if made with matching colours.

Gable roofs are also available in various pitches to cover single, double or larger carports depending on the amount of space required. Due to the structure of the roof, they are a little more expensive than flat roof carports, but what you spend during instalment you regain in the value added to your home. They take longer to construct than flat roof carports but are quicker to build than standard garages.

Carports are available in various materials, including aluminium, steel and timber. They also come in a range of colours, which can be combined to create a preferred design.

Flat Roof

Flat roof carports, despite their name, are not completely flat. They are slightly angled to allow rainwater to run off to avoid stagnant pooling and potential water damage. Flat roof carports are made from Colorbond, Zincalume or polycarbonate sheeting. The other framing components are made from aluminium, timber or steel.

Out of all the types, flat roof carports are the most economical, fastest and easiest to install. They can be attached to homes or remain freestanding, which means they can be placed wherever you want as long as there is sufficient space. They are available in different colours, which allow you to match the carport design to suit the style of your house or garden.

We Build Carports

Are you looking for a reliable carport installer? At Just Patios, we build customised carports in Brisbane. From flat to gable carports, our highly experienced builders provide a variety of carport designs to suit your home.

For our gable roof carports, they come in three popular styles: hip ends, traditional gable ends and Dutch gable ends. These designs can all be customised based on your specifications. They are all available in the full Colorbond range to complement your home’s exterior colour.

Our flat roof carports are by far the most popular as they are a simple structure but very functional. They are also affordable, particularly if you choose our galvanised frame with Zincalume sheets. Our flat roof carports can be built as a freestanding unit or attached to the side of the house.

For any enquiries about our carports, call 1300 284 531.


Cosy Sunroom Design Ideas for the Modern Home

If you have a sunroom in your home, chances are it’s your favourite spot in the entire house. Designed as cosy nooks, sunrooms provide natural light in the daytime as well as gorgeous views of the sky at night. They are comfortable spaces where you can relax and unwind, no matter the weather.Sunrooms were first introduced in homes in the 17th century but gained popularity by the 19th century when steel and glass were more readily available on the market. For the modern home, sunrooms still create the perfect space. Here are a few sunroom design ideas that you can incorporate into the newest addition to your home:Choice of Furnishings

Designers note that a beautiful sunroom mimics other elements of the home, including the furniture. By saving the wicker and wovens for outdoor spaces, you create a peaceful retreat within the sunroom that looks and feels like an extension of your living room. Choose comfortable seating upholstered in common cushion fabrics such as leathers, chenilles and velvets for a homey look.

Matching Colours

Since you’re patterning your sunroom after the interiors of your home, it’s best to paint the walls the same colour as well. Pick furnishings and accessories with tones that complement the overarching colour scheme of your sunroom. For sunrooms, natural and earthy tones are the best hues for walls, furniture and decor. These colours are easier to work with whatever the season, making your sunroom a versatile space throughout the year.

Flooring Options

Sunrooms typically have wood, brick or concrete flooring. To retain the comfort of your sunroom, opt for tiles instead to keep the floors cool. They are also easier to clean. For the cooler months, use rugs or carpets.

Adjust to the Climate

Some homeowners don’t want to leave their sunrooms even in the winter, particularly if the temperatures stay mild. However, even on the Sunshine Coast, an evening can have a nip in the air, so for comfortable entertainment and reading spots during the cooler months, consider how to stay warm. Although a fireplace would add to the cosy feel, each council has its own rules about open fires and wood-burning stoves, and the outlay would be expensive. Other options include using a portable electric heater or extending your central heating system. For a cheaper option, add some blankets, throw pillows and candles for both warmth and ambience.

The Greens

Many plant species thrive in sunrooms. Flowers and greenery naturally filter the air, emulating the fresh feel of the outdoors. Common plant picks for sunrooms include African violets and begonias that are low maintenance buds with colourful blossoms year after year. Peace lilies are another great choice for sunroom greenery. They grow tall, brighten up corners and complement larger furnishings.

Just Patios

With Just Patios, you can transform your patio glass enclosure into the sunroom of your dreams. We are a team of carport builders and patio specialists in Brisbane who have years of experience in building the perfect addition to your home. We customise our products according to your requirements, ensuring you get the outdoor structure that best suits your property and lifestyle.

Get in touch with a Just Patios representative or call us on 1300 284 531 today.

A Skillion Carport Fits Right into Your Modern Home

Vehicles are an essential part of the modern Australian lifestyle. In fact, The Australian says that more than 90% of Australian households own at least one car. If you’re one of the car-owning population, you’ll need a safe and durable place to keep your investments against harsh storms and soaring temperatures.

Just Patios offers just the solution. We provide carports to Sunshine Coast households, including raised flyover and gable types. We also build the most popular type — the skillion carport. Here are some reasons skillion carports grace many homes in the country.

Structurally Sound

A skillion carport’s main advantage lies in its structural soundness. Just Patio’s skillion carports, for example, are made from durable materials, ensuring that they will withstand tough conditions and last for years.

Its roof makes it useful during rainy days, too. The steep slope enables water to drain off effectively without the help of additional materials. Moreover, this carport fits snugly into a backyard corner, maximising the space there.

A Focus on Ventilation and Natural Light

Households that receive a lot of sun and rain benefit greatly from skillion roofs. The roof protects the vehicles from heat, rain, snow and, by consequence, wear and tear effectively.

It does not, however, confine the space. Because the roof is only held up by beams, a skillion carport allows air to flow in and provide ample ventilation to the vehicle.

The Contemporary Feel

A skillion carport has a very simple design. It consists of a durable, sloped roof supported by vertical beams.

Builders install a skillion carport in two ways. One, they install it as an extension of the house. They attach a beam to the wall of the house and erect supporting posts opposite of it. The beam and the posts then support the slanted roof. Two, they build the skillion carport as a freestanding unit, detached from the home. This consists of two sets of supporting posts that carry the sloped roof.

Since only a handful of material types are used, and there are no complicated designs, the home maintains its clean and uncluttered vibe. This is a feature of many minimalist designs.

It’s Not Expensive

Skillion carports cost less than other carport types without compromising the safety of your vehicles. On top of that, Just Patios uses equally reliable materials that reduce costs further, like Zincalume® sheets and galvanised frames.

Bear in mind, however, that certain considerations can change the price of a skillion carport, like its size and the materials used.

Easy Installation

A skillion roof’s simple design calls for easy and fast installation. The project will run even smoother if you hire the services of experienced carport builders like Just Patios.

Our experts have handled many carport projects in the past, so we can build a durable skillion carport efficiently. We can also provide advice on the design that would fit your home perfectly.

Trust Just Patios to build you a skillion carport that will protect your vehicles effectively. Reach us on 1300 0284 531 or fill out our online form today for more information about our carports.

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Carport

When choosing a carport, consider both its function as well as its aesthetic. Size and construction are two of the most important aspects to consider with regard to function. As for aesthetic aspects, consider the style of the roof. You want to make sure your carport adds value to your home. The carport you finally have will depend on your budget and the building company you choose. At Just Patios, we provide quality-built custom carports on the Sunshine Coast.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The right carport size will provide your equipment and vehicle with maximum protection for many years. There may be challenges if you don’t take into full consideration the size of carport you want. For instance, getting a custom size without measuring your vehicles or equipment can result in a carport that only covers a small space. It is also the case that you might overestimate the space needed.

Perhaps you only need a shelter for one compact car. In this case, a standard sized carport is an appropriate choice. However, if you own a large truck and have extra equipment to store, consider a double or triple carport. To avoid choosing the wrong size, it’s best to get a carport builder’s advice on finding out the most suitable size for your vehicle and equipment.

Construction Style

After choosing the size, decide on how it will be constructed. There are two styles of carport construction: freestanding and attached. With freestanding carports, you can choose wherever you want your carport to be installed on your property as long as you follow local council and national construction codes.

By using attached carports, you can save construction expenses. You don’t need to pay for the construction of one side of the carport because it’s already attached to your home. What you need to do is to consider the stability of your carport carefully. When we construct carports, we guarantee that it is constructed using robust materials.

Roof Design

Most Australian homes have one of three roof designs: flat, skillion or gabled. Flat roofs are the most popular roof among the three types. In most cases, they are the most affordable and easiest to install among the three. However, they can be challenging to drain and susceptible to damage from ice forming and water pooling. Without altering its appearance, a slight incline makes a difference in draining and cleaning the roof.

Skillion roofs are flat roofs with a significant slope. Many contemporary homes use a skillion roof for its distinctive profile and passive climate control features. Modern homes use the same roof for their carport to complement the designs.

As for gabled roofs, they are can mimic the style of your home exterior. Although they require more materials and labour than the other roofs, the finish can enhance the appearance of your home exterior design. Gabled roofs are suitable for homes situated in areas with a high chance of rainfall or snow. The roof’s material allows rain or snow to drain off easily.

Contact Just Patios

We provide all roof designs and construction styles mentioned above. If you prefer a different design, we will gladly customise your carport to suit your specifications. With our carports, you can keep your vehicle or equipment in top shape. Call 1300 284 531 or send us a quote through our contact page.


Finding Carport Design Ideas

We usually give you design ideas for patio enclosures, but today we’ll focus on the trusty carport.

Carports are a cost effective way to protect your property and are faster to construct than garages. Being open on two sides or more, it has the aesthetic advantage of looking clean and sleek and its appearance can easily be enhanced.

For a beautiful carport that puts garages to shame, here are design ideas from Brisbane’s ever-reliable carport builders:

The Modern Skillion

Skillion carports are popular for their simplicity and affordability ‒ but only a few know that they are great for making refined modern structures. They tastefully complement contemporary homes and are also suited for the commercial and hospitality industries.

For a modern skillion carport, combine your choice of metal roofing with strips of polycarb roofing to let more light pass through, creating a scattered light effect. For the braces, legs, and bows, stick with clean lines and choose modern colours such as off-white, matte black, grey or merino. To complete the look from top to bottom, use porcelain tiles designed for outdoors. They’re surprisingly strong and give any carport an upgraded look and feel.

The Stunning Flyover

Flyover carports have extra height, providing a proper home for your caravan, boat or motorhome. With a floating look, a flyover carport is a statement of architectural taste and beautiful craftsmanship by itself. But if you want to go further, using wider posts give it an upscale look. For more sun protection and for added sophistication, add metal privacy screens with horizontal slats. A modern combination is black metal legs with a timber privacy screen in its natural colour, or an all metal structure fully coated in black or dark brown. For the roof, consider insulated roofing panels to gain both functional and aesthetic benefits.

The Timeless Gable

Carports with gable roofing allow you to easily match the style of your home’s roof. You can copy the same colour of your house’s roofing and recreate its texture. To give a twist to this classic design, add skylights to your roofing and use heritage cream for the colour of the beams, legs and the rest of the supporting structure.

For a softer touch, add potted plants around the carport or hanging plants on the side. If your carport is attached to a side wall, a vertical garden livens up the wall space. With our designs, you can have your roof with traditional gable ends, Dutch gable ends or hip ends.

If you have your own design ideas, ask our experts to incorporate them to suit your budget and needs. We also have a range of designs you can customise to suit your preferences and requirements.

At Just Patios, workmanship and customer satisfaction are at the centre of our service. We have over 15 years of experience in the industry and use only licensed builders for our projects. We are a registered contractor in Queensland and know the local building codes and regulations.

For questions, contact us on 1300 284 531.



Keeping Your Carport Structurally Sound and Spic and Span

Just Patios carports are incredibly durable and low maintenance, but they need some care as well to extend their service life. Keep them structurally sound and beautiful for longer with this carport maintenance checklist:

Start from the top: the roof and gutters

Regularly check your roof for leaves and dirt buildup as they can trap moisture, leading to corrosion spots. You can wash down the debris with water and use liquid soap if there are stains on your roof.

If your carport has gutters, make sure they are not clogged with leaves. You can also consider having gutter guards installed to prevent leaves from clogging your gutter and lessen the cleaning that you have to do.

Maintain the supporting structures: the support columns and beams

Debris can cling to your beams and support columns which can lead to staining or rust damage. Wipe down these structures once in a while to remove any dirt build up. If you spot any rust, it is best to act on it immediately. To treat rust, remove scales with a wire brush, sand the affected portion thoroughly and dust it down. Use rust killer before spot priming, then use undercoat followed by your top finishing.

Strengthen your base: the carport floor

Cleaning floors regularly helps preserve its integrity. On most days, you can clean them with a broom, but it is also ideal to power wash your floors once in a while.

If your car leaks and your floor has oil and grease spots, you can remove these by covering it with a layer of cat litter or sawdust for at least one day. These materials absorb excess oil, making it easier to clean the area. Once you’ve swept off the dust or litter, pour a cleaning agent on the stain, let it sit for 45 minutes and rinse it off with boiling water.

As the carport floor is subject to heavy wear and tear, you can also extend its life by recoating it every few years.

Want to know more about carport care? Just Patios is a trusted carport builder in Brisbane. For inquiries on carports, contact us today.


Carport Building 101: Things to Remember When Designing a Carport

Building a carport is a smart decision, as it provides the protection your vehicle needs from the searing sun and pounding rain. It also works well for families looking to save on cash, as the cost of building a carport tends to be lower than that of a garage.

Moreover, well-built carports in Brisbane are ideal for those looking to give their vehicle additional protection without eating up a considerable part of their yard.

When building a carport, a mistake of most homeowners is treating it as an addition or an afterthought, which then shows in the results. To make sure your carport will stay aesthetically pleasing and functional longer, here are some things to remember when designing your carport:

  1. Keep your home’s design in mind.

As opposed to treating the carport as an afterthought, build it as if it’s a part of the home plan. Let it match the overall style of your house. If you have a modern home, for instance, add some modern touches to the carport design, too.

Use the same materials as you did to build the rest of the home. To create balance, use colours from the same palette or at least choose hues that complement that of the home’s exterior.

  1. Consider the size and other provisions.

Consider future plans before deciding on the size of your carport. Are you looking to purchase another car soon? If so, and if the space in your driveway would permit it, double your carport’s size to accommodate the new car.

Build your carport in a way that would allow you direct access to the home. This will benefit you when you arrive home while the sun is in full heat or when it’s raining.

Ask our experts at Just Patios to help you design the kind of carport that will give you the best value for your money. Choose from a wide range of sleek and fully functional designs, and we’ll customise it to suit your preferences and needs. Whether you need a simple flat or skillion type or a rustic gable-type, we’ll build a carport that enhances the value and curb appeal of your home. Contact us today.