Using a Carport for Your Boat

A boat is an affordable luxury for many living near the ocean. Much like any vehicle, regular maintenance and proper care ensures prolongs its life. One of the simplest ways to take care of a boat is storing it in a clean and safe place. While some owners leave their boat outside under covers, investing in a proper structure to house the vessel will safeguard it from factors that can cause damages, including corrosion from the salty sea air.

For those who love messing about in the water along the Sunshine Coast, a carport is a good investment for boats. Although typically made and used for cars, a carport is a cost-effective and practical structure to shelter other items and vehicles. The ease of storage, cost of installation compared to a garage or garage extension, and the elimination of mooring fees have made it a popular choice for weekend sailors who choose to keep their boats at home.

Effective Storage

Carports are freestanding structures that have durable roofs with a steel or wooden beam support. Depending on the size of your property, a carport can be designed to accommodate most small boats. Storing your boat in a carport at home will not only make your property look neater and better organised, it will also increase the storage area and improve the value of your property.  It provides overhead protection while giving enough space to move around your boat, to store tools and accessories and conduct maintenance under shelter from the elements.

Protection from the Elements

The Sunshine Coast has an average of seven hours of sunshine a day but the climate can be muggy with up to 75 per cent humidity. While the area does not see much change in its weather, exposure to the elements over long periods of time can result in rust and sun damage. A carport is an effective and convenient way to protect your boat from heat, direct sunlight, and rainfall. This structure also provides cover from bird droppings and stray twigs and leaves from nearby trees.

Better Security

Having your boat underneath a structure next to your home decreases the risk of theft or damage. While a carport is usually open on all sides, it still gives you the benefit of security. Often built on the driveway next to the house, it provides a more secure option for personal belongings and equipment on the boat than if parked on the street or left in a boatyard or marina.

Professionally Made Carports from Just Patios

Just Patios specialises in providing homeowners in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast with patios, room enclosures, and carports. Our team of builders delivers a high standard of workmanship that meets your requirements. We provide high-quality carports that are customised to your needs and are priced competitively to suit your budget. We are committed to providing you with a carport that will help you keep your boat in prime condition.

For more information about our wide range of designs and our construction services, call us on 1300 284 531 or fill in our contact form here:

How Australians Can Spend Less on Energy

It’s not only housing that’s expensive in Australia. Even its utilities are hurting the pockets. Electricity, for example, is increasing over the years. Worse, it might even be the norm in the future unless something changes.

According to the Grattan Institute, the increasing electricity prices in the wholesale market are the new normal. Within two years from 2015, it went up by more than 125%. Household utility costs, meanwhile, ballooned to as much as 20% in 2017.

The solutions to making electricity affordable again are complex. In fact, they involve the direct participation or intervention of the government. That includes promoting climate change policies and shifting from coal power to renewable energy. 

Consumers, though, can do their part. They might not be able to control the electricity prices, but they sure can reduce how much they pay. Here are a few ways:

1. Use Insulating Roofs

A lot of people seem to take for granted the significant role roofs have in improving energy efficiency. For example, a house loses a lot of its heat in the ceiling and the roof. When the thermal loss is high, it can compel an individual to use more heating appliances. In turn, it drives the utility costs up.

A solution to that is using insulated roofing systems. During the summer, they can absorb the excess heat to maintain the coolness of the interiors. In the winter, they can prevent the loss of heat. In other words, using them is a win-win regardless of the season. They are also available in different thicknesses and dimensions. They allow the roofs to suit various types of roofing styles.

2. Skip the Clothes Dryer

A clothes dryer is one of those appliances that can skyrocket your electricity bill. It needs a lot of power to generate enough heat to work. In fact, because it uses a lot of electricity, the Australian government is strict when it comes to its energy standards and ratings. Whenever you can, skip using a clothes dryer. Use it when you already have a full load. Also, consider using a clothesline to hang your clothes.

3. Improve the Ventilation

Ventilation is one of the essential ways to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient. When a proper one is lacking, it increases the risks of high moisture and humidity. It can make a space feeling musty. It also encourages the growth of mould.

Enhancing the home’s ventilation system doesn’t have to break the bank. It can be as simple a shifting to double-glazed windows, which are also useful in improving heat loss. Homeowners can also add more windows or increase their height to allow a better air movement.

4. Get the Family Onboard

It takes a community to help lower the energy costs. There’s no use avoiding a clothes dryer when the spouse keeps on opening the fridge or the children spend a lot of time charging their mobile devices or watching television. It’s important that everyone understands the importance of energy-saving tips and the role each person plays to ensure that the family enjoys some savings.

Some of these methods can give you only a few dollars of savings per week, but don’t be disappointed. By making these into habits, they can accumulate and later amount to several dollars a year. 

The Perfect Outdoor Space: Things that Your Backyard Should Have

Are you in the process of designing or building your backyard space? Or are you planning a long-overdue backyard renovation? To some homeowners, creating a perfect backyard design can be challenging. You’ll have to consider many things to come up with a final design that will complement your main house and serve everyone in your household. 

If you’re considering a sturdy, modern outdoor structure to begin your design plan, there’s a wide range of Stratco patios to choose from. Then you can look into landscaping, outdoor furniture or even pool installations that can complete your design. Before you go through all this, here are some things you should always remember when creating your backyard plan of perfection:  

1. Space

What do you plan to do in your backyard? How much time will you spend lounging or gardening out back? Will it be a place for peace or will you use it to entertain guests? Garden furniture and proper landscaping will need a certain amount of space for it to work with your design. Knowing what activities you plan to have in your backyard will help you in considering what to do with the area you have or how much space you’re going to need. 

2. Privacy

A backyard is always more private than a front yard. This is where you’ll usually go to relax after a hard day’s work or where you’ll host your invite-only summer barbecue: events that you’ll want to keep private. There are many ways to create privacy in your backyard. You can grow tall hedges, install a bamboo fence, or grow tall trees. Whichever style you choose, make sure that it gives you the right kind of privacy that you and your household require.

3. Comfort

This might sound like a no-brainer requirement for the perfect backyard. But you’ll be surprised by how some homeowners don’t put enough thought into how much comfort they can get out of their backyard design. This outdoor space is yours, and you can set it up in whatever style would meet your comfort needs. Thus, make sure to create the ambience of a backyard you can show off to your friends or outdoor space where you can chill out on after a tiring work week.

4. Function

How do you want your backyard to work for you? If you have a lot of space, you can divide it into different sections that can serve different purposes. You can have a play area for the kids, a quiet meditation corner, and a social living area. If you’re working with a smaller space, you can use foldable or multi-purpose furniture as long as they meet your requirements for your backyards intended purpose.

Whether you’re changing an old backyard design or creating a new one, there are endless ways to achieve the outdoor space you’ve always wanted. Just remember to include these elements in your planning, and you’ll create a backyard design that will be your dream come true.

Carport Options for Brisbane Homes

A lot of Australians leave their cars exposed to harsh elements for long periods of time. Rain, extreme heat and severe weather damage the exterior parts of the car. Leaving cars outside also makes them vulnerable to animal droppings, tree branches and other debris that have the potential to impair their value.

Don’t leave your vehicles unprotected. If there’s enough space in your property for an upgrade, it’s time to consider investing in a carport.

A cost-effective and convenient way to protect your vehicle

With a carport, you cut costs on future repairs to your car brought about by the elements. With the extra coverage, there’s less worry of its exposure to harsh elements like rain and UV-rays that result in rust and other exterior damage.

Car entry will no longer be uncomfortable because of the shade that carports provide. Instead of climbing into a vehicle that’s been sitting out in the sun for several hours, a carport protects your vehicle from direct sunlight. You’ll feel less like you’re stepping into an oven. The same goes for those cold, rainy days when you want to be able to slide into your car without ending up with numb fingers and a wet seat.

A carport is versatile

Aside from the protection that carports offer to vehicles, they also have a wide variety of other uses that are advantageous to homeowners. They’re great as outdoor spaces where you can hold something as simple as a Sunday al fresco brunch or events such as outdoor dinner parties. Carports also provide an attractive shade or awning over your patio, deck or yard. They’re versatile enough to incorporate into your outdoor space without looking out of place or bulky.

Since carports are versatile, they protect not only cars but also trucks, motorcycles, tractors, jet skis and a lot more.  They’re great for outdoor household equipment such as lawnmowers and barbecue grills. When you add another structure such as a tool shed in your carport, you’ll be able to provide extra protection for it too.

Customisation options and affordability

Another great advantage of carports is their extensive range of customisation options. You decide the style, the type of roofing, the overall size of the carport and the type of materials that will enhance its structural strength. You can also choose to have wall panels or leave them open for maximum airflow.

Compared to building a garage, a carport is cheaper, quicker and easier to install. Costs vary from the material and size but guttering, posts and roofing materials aren’t very expensive. The long-term return on investment is also high as you won’t be shelling out money over time for exterior damages to your car.

Welcome Carports to Your Home with Just Patios

Looking to install carports for your house? At Just Patios, we specialise in designing and building custom carports in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast areas.

Our highly-experienced carport builders create customised solutions to meet your needs and protect your vehicles. We know how valuable your investments are, and we make sure they aren’t exposed to elements that contribute to their wear and tear.

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Single Skin vs Insulated Patio Roofing: Which Should You Choose?

Patios are the marriage of the indoors and outdoors. They give you a pleasant view and feel of the outdoors while keeping you in a safe, comfortable environment. What gives a patio its versatility as an indoor and outdoor space is its roof.

For most patio building projects, there are two kinds of patio covers: the single skin roofing and the insulated roofing. Both single skin and insulated roofing are utilised in patio-building applications, depending on your preferences and requirements.

Single Skin Roofing

As its name suggests, single skin patio roofing consists of only one layer of steel, painted over with a high gloss finish. It is specifically built to reflect sunlight and is extremely lightweight. Because of their straightforward design, they are pretty easy to clean. Technicians install single skin roofing in an interlocked manner to give it a watertight seal.

The problem some homeowners encounter with single skin roofing, however, is that it fails to keep in warmth. Since its design only allows it to reflect sunlight, it lacks warmth-absorbing qualities that are desirable during colder seasons. Condensation usually forms on the underside of the ceiling, leading to drips or mould formation.

Insulated Roofing

An upgrade to single skin roofing, insulated patio systems are made of durable high-grade steel layers and glosses. They are modern and sleek, designed to be installed on a wide range of roof frames. Given its resistance to moisture and condensation, homeowners can install ceiling fans or lights on the ceiling to make their patio more comfortable. You also won’t need to worry about water dripping on your furnishings.

Insulated roofing systems allow you to install glass enclosures for your patio. These roofing systems also require fewer beams and provide options for hidden ducting, giving you a high-quality finish that is also easy on the eye.

The most significant advantage that insulated patio roofing has over single skin roofing is temperature control. The insulating material between the two skins reduces heat flow, providing you with more comfortable temperatures in cold and warm weather. With an insulated roofing system, you can minimise both heating and cooling costs in enclosed outdoor living areas.

The Verdict

Single skin and insulated roofing give homeowners countless benefits and outstanding results. Both roofing types give protection from sunlight and the elements, enhancing overall comfort in your patio.

However, insulated roofing stands out because of its sleek look, versatility and temperature control qualities. Due to the layer of insulated material between the roof skins, it can keep your outdoor living space warm during winter and cool during summer.

Want to learn more about insulated roofing?

The Just Patios team is passionate about the outdoors. We provide high-quality and top-performance insulated roof panels for both homes and large commercial establishments in Brisbane. We customise our products according to your needs, making sure you get the solution that suits your property and lifestyle best.

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Protect Your Outdoor Space from Weather Damage

The outdoor area is one of the most versatile areas in any property. Patio areas serve as an extension of your house and are adaptable for many different functions. Whether utilised as a patio or a carport, or as an extension for a workshop or conservatory, the outdoor space benefits from an efficient roofing system to protect it from the elements ­­– so you can use it all year round.

Just Patios provides a diverse range of roofing solutions suitable for shading and sheltering outdoor areas, garages, sunrooms, screened porches and decking. Each roofing systems’ design suits the weather conditions in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, providing temperature and sound control, particularly for enclosed spaces. Our roofing solutions are ideal for use on any existing frame, whether made from timber, concrete or steel, and add value to any property.

How does an insulated roofing system work?

Although Just Patios provide a range of roofing solutions, installing an insulated roofing system is a smart way to protect any enclosed outdoor space from the weather. The insulation properties of roofing systems depend on its panels: the thicker they are, the better the insulation becomes. The roofing system consists of stacked panels that are available in thicknesses of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm with R-Values of up to 1.61, 2.26 and 2.66 respectively. During the summer, the panels deflect the heat and keep it outside, while in winter, it helps keep the heat from escaping. Installing an insulated roofing system will protect and preserve your outdoor area without compromising the design and function. The insulation helps reduce energy consumption from heating or air conditioning, saving costs and reducing the environmental impact.

In addition to maintaining temperature, insulated roofing systems muffle the noise from outside and absorb the reverberations from inside, improving interior acoustics.

Keep the Weather Elements Out

If your property is located in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, consider installing insulated roofing systems when converting or rehabilitating outdoor space on your property. Brisbane and the surrounding areas experience hot weather for most of the year with cooler weather and the occasional rainfall and thunderstorms during autumn and winter. The salty sea breezes, although refreshing, can increase corrosion on metal furniture, and exposure to the sun can bleach the brightest of fabrics.

A roofing system can withstand long-term exposure to varying weather conditions and protect outdoor furniture. You can check out our previous blog to know where you can install insulated roofing systems on your property.

Just Patios specialises in designing and building outdoor space. Since 2002, we have been involved in the construction industry and have completed projects from simple indoor and outdoor patios to complex full room extensions. Our services are available for residential and commercial properties and our team of licensed builders ensures that your project complies with all building regulations. When you work with us, you know you are getting a beautiful and functional outdoor area built to last.

Talk to us today and preserve your outdoor area with insulated roof systems.

Blurring the Line between Indoor and Outdoor Living

The standard sunroom enclosure is no longer enough to satisfy many of today’s homeowners’ needs. Homeowners now want a highly customised, fully incorporated sunroom design, complete with luxuries that transform the space.

If you want a taste of what these homeowners have, consider some of the modern elements they’ve incorporated in their living extension:

Fully-Fitted Kitchen

If you enjoy entertaining, a sunroom that serves as a kitchen extension makes a great addition to an outdoor dining area. You can even go the extra mile and furnish your new kitchen with an entertainment bar that extends to the outdoor seating area.

You and your guests can easily prepare meals, snacks and drinks all while enjoying an unrestricted view of your garden.

This is also a smart idea for glass sunroom enclosures that face backyard pools. You can keep an eye on your kids while you prepare meals. And whilst entertaining, the pool fun doesn’t have to stop every time you need to go to the kitchen for a refill or to check the oven.

Even when you don’t have friends and family around, cooking in a room lit by natural light can be a calming and therapeutic answer to the heat of the kitchen.

Home Theatre Space with Hi-Fi Surround Sound Systems

There’s nothing like watching movies on an HD TV complete with a hi-fi surround sound system. So if watching movies in a cosy room is your idea of relaxation, you can turn your patio enclosure into a multipurpose room that also serves as a home theatre.

You don’t need a big space for this. In fact, having a smaller space works in your favour since you won’t need powerful speakers to experience the surround sound. The key to the layout of your sunroom is to give your family and friends as much distance from the screen as possible.

For the best movie-watching experience, make sure that you have the proper blinds for your windows and take steps to make the room soundproof.

Indoor Water Features

Having indoor water features is the ultimate in blurring the lines between your interiors and exteriors. Rain curtains, water walls and indoor waterfalls make stunning focal points in any room and don’t have to take up much space.

To match the water feature’s natural aesthetic appeal, opt for hardwood floors and furnish your sunroom with indoor plants. Mixed with the natural light that streams through your sunroom’s large windows, all these elements can give your sunroom the perfect ambience for a meditation room.

You can spend mornings in your sunroom practising yoga or just enjoy a cup of coffee while listening to the relaxing sound of falling water.

If you opt for indoor water features with LED lights, you can treat your eyes to a spectacle of colours at night. And if your sunroom is near your pool, you will create a resort-style backyard area for your family.

There are so many ideas to transform your sunroom into the perfect backyard escape. When you’re ready to convert that patio into a sunroom enclosure, give our friendly team a call.

Bringing the Benefits of Nature to Your Indoor Space

For years, nature has been proven to be beneficial to the mind, body and spirit. People are said to experience a sense of healing, soothing and restoration by being exposed to nature. While spending a few minutes in nature contributes to someone’s health, happiness and productivity.

You can experience the benefits of nature in the comfort of your home. Here’s how:

Let in Natural Light

The sun is a good source of vitamin D that’s essential for the body. Vitamin D helps rejuvenate and repair life forms at the cellular level. Letting natural light into your home is both a healthy and aesthetically appealing way to experience the benefits of nature indoors. Taking advantage of natural light also helps you cut down lighting costs.

One of the best ways to let natural light through is by installing glass sunroom enclosures. With such an addition, you can maximise the natural light coming in from your sunroom. The glass also gives you a stunning, unobstructed view of the outdoors.

Another way to let natural light in is by installing skylights. The use of lighter colours for finishing and furniture not only allows light to bounce more easily, but it also creates an illusion of space.

Make Use of Wooden Elements

Wood is a versatile and durable architectural material that gives any space a classic, rustic or contemporary setting.

Whether wood is used in its purest state or preserved with substances, its charm as a material comes from its ability to maintain its unique colour and texture.  You can use wood indoors as fixtures and fittings or as furniture.

Wood also serves well as a material for background elements, such as the flooring and walls, or for centrepieces like a staircase. The prominence of wood creates a sense of warmth and cosiness within the space.

Wooden furniture will also have the same effect but with the addition of luxury, as authentic wooden furniture can be quite costly. However, weighed against the long-term value, the cost of wood proves to be a worthwhile investment.

Nurture Houseplants

What better way to experience nature indoors than physically bringing it indoors – in the form of plants. Houseplants can regulate moods, reduce background noise and improve air quality.

You can start by bringing in potted plants that are easy to care for such as Kalanchoe and Indian Rubber Tree. Once you get used to caring for them, you can try growing the more challenging ones like Moth Orchids and Miniature Rose.

If you have pets, Prayer Plants and African Violets are some examples of pet-friendly houseplants. You can even try growing herbs like Basil and Rosemary that you can use for cooking.

These are only a few ways that you can do to experience the benefits of nature indoors. There are a few other ways that you can explore that will suit lifestyle.

Just Patios is a professional team specialising in designing and constructing outdoor living area and room enclosures. With over 15 years of experience in the business, we are set on building quality space that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Get in touch with us today and we will discuss the space you have in mind.

Using Insulated Roof Panels For Different Parts Of Your Home

One of the most worthwhile home improvement projects you can undertake is a solid roofing improvement. Installing solid, insulated roofing in Brisbane can add to your property’s value and ensure sufficient protection from the elements throughout the year. Insulated roofing provides excellent thermal performance and durability with little upkeep. Different areas of your property can benefit from this solution, including the following:

  1. Porch

Hang out, relax, and spend time with friends and family under your porch. With insulated roofing overhead, you won’t have to worry about the afternoon heat damaging your outdoor furniture. The panels block the elements to ensure that you are comfortable at any time of the day. This feature can also be an added selling point should you decide to sell your home.

  1. Pergola

The pergola is a shaded seating area or walkway designed with posts that support crossbeams and an open lattice. By upgrading to insulated roofing, you can transform your ordinary pergola into an interesting social space.

  1. Carport

Using the same roofing material from your house to all its extended parts gives a seamless, uniform look. Install the same insulated panels on your carport to enhance comfort and curb appeal on this area. Since the material is easy to install, you won’t have to spend more money on its placement.

  1. Granny Flat

If you’re planning to add a granny flat to house an ageing parent or relative, then an insulated roof will deliver utmost relief and relaxation. It can also reduce noise during heavy rains so your loved one can sleep soundly and without a problem.

Investing in a high-quality roof will not only enhance your home’s comfort and landscape profile, but it can also yield lucrative profits when you resell. Install it to upgrade different parts of your home and enjoy your daily living in style.

The Latest Trends in Designing Patios You Shouldn’t Ignore

Owning a home is not just an investment; it is a significant milestone that most people in Brisbane work very hard to reach. It never stops there, though; homeowners still strive to make their homes as unique and elegant as they can.

That calls for creative designing of structures and spaces without compromising functionality, with the most recent being using insulated patios. But you need to master the following latest trends in the design of insulated patios to know which one befits you most:

Fire Pits

Fireplaces are not only for the indoor space; they increase the appeal for outdoor areas as well. Installing an outdoor fire pit lights up your patio and creates warmth so you can enjoy your time outdoors even when it is cold.

You could choose a wood or gas fireplace as an addition to your patio space, as long as it meets your local building codes for safety. Covering these fireplaces with the right patio cover will extend their service life.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Homeowners are today appreciating that, using eco-friendly materials to build their patios and erect patio covers will not only conserve the environment but also reduce energy loss within the structures. That drastically reduces the utility costs on heating and cooling.

Long-Lasting Furniture

Any patio set can match your outdoor design. However, more people are resorting to getting furniture that matches not only their outdoor space but also one that will serve them longer.

Using insulated patio covers can enhance the durability of outdoor furniture, including seats, benches and pool tables so that it serves its purpose for an extended period without requiring renovation or replacement.

Regardless of your taste and style, there is no limit to the design you can use for your patio. Incorporating these latest trends, and using the right insulated patio covers, increases the usability of your patio, which is a significant investment you will enjoy for years in your Brisbane home.