Functional Beauty: Why It’s Worth Adding a Sunroom

Sunrooms are an excellent idea for extending your home’s living space while adding flair to its distinctive charm. Such rooms also increase the value of your property, making it an attractive proposition to potential buyers.

If you live on the Sunshine Coast, where summers are hot and humid, the comfort that a sunroom provides makes relaxing much more enticing. Also, its enclosed nature frees you and your family from worry about pests and harmful ultraviolet rays. Still on the fence? Here are a few more reasons to think about getting a patio enclosure!

A Space for Entertainment

If you’re bored of the traditional living room for entertaining guests, a sunroom is perfect to shake things up. It’s ideal for accommodating out-of-town guests or relatives, and also provides a safe space for kids to play in. Celebrations in a sunroom make them extra-fabulous, as patio enclosures provide comfort during hot and sticky summers in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast.

Work Close to Nature

If you have a home office set up, consider putting it in a sunroom to enjoy an unmatched view of nature as you work. The beautiful, panoramic surroundings are sure to stimulate your senses, and might even strike inspiration as you gaze into your lawn or gardens. In fact, having green spaces within view helps relieve stress and increase focus.

Kick Back and Relax in the Warm Sun

Spending some quality family time is great with a sunroom. Set up the TV and watch movies under the stars on clear days, or play board games with the sound of waves as a soothing soundtrack. Sunrooms also make excellent reading spaces, as getting lost in a good novel is effortless with natural light filtering through the glass. You can even furnish yourself a fancy bathroom, and soak comfortably in a hot tub in a climate-controlled environment.

If you need ideas for that unused space behind your back porch, or just thinking your home needs some sprucing up, explore our options for a well-designed sunroom. We can help you achieve your outdoor renovation. Request a quote or call us to find out more.

What You Should Know About Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces can be a great way to add to your home’s current floor area. And, if done right, it can also increase your home’s value. This, among other things, can come in handy come selling time. Whatever your reasons may be, an extra outdoor space is a useful renovation. But, you have to be aware of a few things.

Among your first tasks will be to choose where to place your outdoor room. According to experts, it’s important to consider all possibilities. You can’t take a look at your home and decide that no area is fit for an outdoor living space; neither can you decide that just any space will work. Be logical in terms of choosing. Take measurements, do research, and see whether the space you are considering is reasonably protected from the elements of nature throughout the year. Even the smallest spaces and those you might deem ‘unfit’ can be made to work.

The weather can also be a major consideration. If your area allows for outdoor living for almost the entirety of the year, it’s well and good. But if not, don’t fret. You have local makers of room enclosures. These companies can build enclosures that allow the enjoyment of any functional, well-designed outdoor space. To get a good amount of sun, for instance, you can ask them to build glass room enclosures.

Being practical can also help immensely. According to designer Alex Walls, when looking for an outdoor kitchen, for instance, you should ensure that the space will have adequate shelves and storage places. Also, it pays to make your outdoor space as comfortable as your indoor living quarters. You can use this tip when choosing furniture for the area. Modular or interchangeable pieces are excellent choices.

On a final note, don’t think that an exterior space is only handy if you want to increase your home’s value. A family grows bigger over time, and you’ll surely need space to accommodate the increased number of occupants. Double that if you love to entertain people all throughout the year. If you’re ready to add to your home, you can certainly use some professional expertise. Contact us today.

Beyond Aesthetics: Why Queenslanders Love Their Patios

A patio is not only a functional home extension, but also a wise financial decision as it truly adds value to your property. There are many reasons for wanting a patio, but for most Queenslanders, one of the weightiest factors has to do with the weather and lifestyle. A hallmark of Australian architecture, patios not only provide an outdoor haven for entertaining, but also a place to unwind after a long day at work.

It’s also pretty cheap to construct one in your garden, even if you have very limited space. The best part about patios is that you can fit them anywhere, with proper space-planning and the right choice of materials, furniture and accessories. If you don’t have a patio yet, here’s what you’re missing:

Intimate Social Setting

The beauty of the patio is that it invites people to gather and encourages interaction. It primarily serves as an entertaining area for small parties and barbecues. It usually opens out to a pool or courtyard, an outdoor grill or barbecue area, or anything functional and cosmetic, to maximise the space.

The idea is to provide an outdoor space that’s also a connection to the home. It can be an intimate setting for self-reflection after a stressful week and a space to sit back and admire the view, if there’s any, or to enjoy the outdoors. When the warmer days settle in, it’s nice to have a space that’s peppered with trees to bask in the summer breeze and enjoy a cold beverage.

Low-maintenance Space

A patio is basically a paved or concreted living area that connects your home to your backyard. Like a deck, it has outdoor seating and tables. More often than not, patios come with a roof to protect the furniture from the elements and to provide protection during certain weather conditions.

From a financial standpoint, patios are low-cost investments that add great value to your home. Australians love to spend a lot of time outdoors, so homebuyers usually expect homes to have this feature.

But, to make sure that your investment is worthwhile, it’s best to work with an experienced contractor. While a patio is an outdoor space, it should still harmonise with the architecture of the main house. There are other structural, safety, and aesthetic considerations, such as the patio’s orientation, roofing and paving materials, furniture, and so on. If you want your patio personalised according to your lifestyle needs and style preferences, get in touch with us today and we’ll help you plan your project.

Design Ideas to Spruce Up Glass Room Enclosures

Glass room enclosures make more than just unique additions to a home — creative owners can also turn them into a games or art room. Furthermore, they can use their creativity to explore various options when choosing a theme for the enclosure.

If you’re looking to spruce up an otherwise plain glass enclosure, find inspiration from these home design ideas:

Eclectic Meets Natural

An interior that integrates brightly-coloured décor, mismatched furniture and eclectic design elements can benefit from the integration of wood furniture pieces. For a softer overall aesthetic, install an extra-long wooden porch swing hung by thick chain links. Additionally, to keep the space from looking overdone, throw in pillows and rugs in muted colours.

Vintage-Rustic Charm

Mixing antique and rustic design elements can make an area look lived-in and stylish in equal parts. Scour antique stores and side-of-the-road markets for old pieces that you can refurbish. You can also look for distinctly vintage items, such as a woven ottoman, as these charming pieces add immense character to the space while creating additional seating. Mix browns, beiges and light blues with authentically distressed chairs and tables to add to the rustic appeal.

Greek-Style Cottage

Bring the charm of Greek cottages to your home by integrating a screened enclosure that connects the patio to your interior. A floor-to-ceiling window gives you an unobstructed view of the outdoors, which is perfect if you wish to create an atmosphere of al fresco living.

To complete the Greek cottage feel, include bench cushions in a sea-inspired print. Throw in pillows of varied hues – blues, greens, and navies. You can also have a rustic-looking chandelier installed or ask us, Just Patios, to install screened glass room enclosures.

We also have other options for your home additions, such as paw-proof, glare-reduction and noise-reduction glasses. When stumped about the kind of glass to use for an enclosure, our professional in-house team can help you choose a type that suits your lifestyle.

Parking in Style: Why You Should Have a Carport Built in Your Home

When the weather changes, our bodies adapt to it. When the sun is out, we bring out our bathing suits and sunglasses. To combat the cold, we wear whatever we can to keep warm.

What we often forget is that in cooler or wetter seasons, even cars get the chills. On hotter days, the cars suffer from intense heat, too. They may not breathe and speak like human beings, but they sure get hit by bad weather the same way we do.

An Umbrella for Your Car

That is why carports exist. They act as a barrier between your vehicle and the extremities of climate, preventing high and low temperature changes from damaging your car. Carports ‘protect your vehicle from harmful summer rays, winter snow, sleet or rain’, remarks SpeedLux Media.

Carports are especially economical for those with smaller homes and or where there is no money for a renovation for a garage. They are easy to install and having fewer walls than a garage, give good ventilation for storing vehicles.

Aesthetic Appeal

Outdoor spaces are the best places for garden parties. When you have a carport, just park your car in front of your house for a day to have a patio where you can invite guests for barbecue or wine nights. It is a trend these days to create a comfortable space with chairs and tables for a festive feel. Using your carport as a gathering area gives you more value for your money.

The demand for carport construction has surged in recent years particularly as a result of the unpredictable weather that can be experienced in Brisbane and surrounding areas. After all who wants their vehicle pummelled by large hail stones or torrential rain!

Experienced designers at Just Patios design and customise carports for clients in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. You name your ideal carport and we can bring it to life for you..

Ready for a new carport? Get in touch with Just Patios today for a free quote.

The 3 Things You Need to Enjoy the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

A structural change can add value to your property. If you’re looking to grow wealth and don’t want to wait too long for profits to come in, a strategic renovation will serve this purpose. And building a patio is a good option to consider.

Why a Patio?

A patio not only provides an extension to your living space. Properties with outdoor living spaces also attract buyers. If you intend to sell your home, later on, a well-built, beautiful patio can draw more offers, which will allow you, in turn, to get a return on your investment. The key to maximising your patio is to make sure it has all the essential features you (and future buyers) will need.

Here are three things that create a perfectly comfortable and gorgeous patio:

The right roofing structure

Queensland goes through hot, humid summers and dry winters. Temperatures can be unforgiving when you’re outdoors for too long. You need your patio to provide sufficient protection so you can use it as long as you like — rain or shine.

Our roofing products come in insulated and non-insulated options. They also come in designs and materials that create cooler summers. Our gabled roof, for example, not only provides good airflow for those humid months but also has great visual appeal.

For winters, you could consider installing an outdoor heater, or an outdoor fireplace.

The right location

Your patio’s location can maximise the breeze, sunlight and views of your home. The Just Patios team can help you choose the best location so you get the most from this outdoor living space.

The right lighting, furniture and the ultimate barbeque equipment

The right lighting and furniture ensure comfort for whatever purpose the outdoor space serves, whether it’s for parties or simply for reading and relaxing. And what would a patio be without barbeque equipment? Tossing a steak on the barbie is one of life’s simple pleasures and a must-do, on your new patio!

Patios enhance your lifestyle and add value to your property. Call us today and we’ll help you get the ideal outdoor living space for your home.