Outdoor Cleaning: Maintaining your Patio in Top Condition

Cleaning your patio is just as important as cleaning the interior of your home. The perfect time to clean your patio is during early spring since it is not too cold or hot. Having a clean patio during spring ensures that your patio is ready to use during summer. Depending on the type of flooring, there are many ways to clean a patio; however, cleaning any patio will involve sweeping, hosing and scrubbing.

Removing Weeds

Before cleaning, you should remove all furniture, plants and accessories from your patio. Afterwards, you should start sweeping the surface to remove any debris, dirt or dried leaves. This breaks off any small weeds that have just sprouted. Moreover, it can also prevent the growth of moss and lichens.

However, if you see any weeds that have taken root, it is best to take as much of the root out as possible to prevent it from growing again. Once all the roots are pulled out, you should fill-up the holes with sand or soil. To take out the weeds in a convenient way, you may opt to use a weed killer. If you use weed killer, you should thoroughly read its instructions to know when and where it can be used.

Power Washing

Besides sweeping, you can also clean your patio using acid-free floor cleaners. This type of cleaning requires a bucket of water, a brush and your preferred floor cleaning liquid. You can mix the floor cleaning liquid with water and pour it over a portion of your patio. Focusing on small areas at a time ensures that you cover all parts of the patio.

An alternative technique is using a steam or pressure washer. This device allows you to give your patio a deep clean in a faster and more efficient manner.

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Make it Pop! Colour Ideas for Your Patio Enclosure

Just because you’ve closed off your patio from the garden, doesn’t mean it has to be drab. Liven up your sunroom with teeming colours and these design ideas.

Where You Can Inject Colour

There are many places where you can inject colours. The key is striking a balance. The most obvious options are furniture, throw pillows and rugs, but you can go further than that.

If you are feeling brave, paint your walls with a bright colour. If you are feeling really brave, use several colours and turn your wall into a canvas.

For those who enjoy frequently changing their home’s interiors, colourful wall art might be a better option as they can be easily removed and transferred to a different room.

If you have a high ceiling, lead your guests’ eyes up by having colourful hanging light fixtures. You can also add colourful wind chimes outside your windows to create a framing effect when you look out to your garden.

Possible Colour Themes

The best colours are the colours that speak to your heart. To find the best theme for you, think of something you really like and use it as a colour inspiration. To jog your mind explore these examples:

Summer Fruits

Keep it summer in your sunroom, by adorning it with the colours of summer fruits. Think of the watermelon’s red, black, green and light green colours. Or the grapefruit’s reds, pinks, oranges and yellows. Nature is full of lovely contrasting and complementary colours, something which can be imitated by interior design.

Carnival in Rio

What can beat the vibrancy of the biggest festival in the world? Think of the colours of the Amazon’s most exotic birds, add some hints of metallic colours and you have a room that can dazzle under the Australian sun.

Having an additional living space is a great opportunity for you to use your creativity. If you do not have your own enclosure yet, we are the best people to call for patio enclosures in Brisbane.

Liven Up Your Patio Enclosure with these Potted Plants

There’s nothing quite like having your morning coffee in your own sunroom. You can sip your blend, made just to your liking, while the sun’s rays enter the windows and there’s nothing for you to do except enjoy the day. To complete the alluring picture, why not make that sunroom just that little more comfortable and add these plants to freshen up the air and brighten up your interiors:

Prayer plants (Maranta leuconeura) are evergreen perennials, brightening up your room throughout the year. They have mesmerising leaf markings, creating an illusion that smaller leaves were painted on them. What’s more fascinating about this plant is that their leaves may move upwards or fold at night as if they were praying.

Moth orchids (Phalaenopsis spp.) add a delicate beauty to your patio enclosure. They are perfect for sunrooms as they love bright light and want shelter from cold draughts. Those with white petals can add a clean softening touch to your interiors. Those with purple petals give a vibrant pop to a room.

Madagascar Dragon Trees (Dracaena marginata) can make any interior look as if they were professionally designed. Placed in a beautiful pot and grown to a good height, it presents like a sculpture-l and is a complete stunner. Placed in a bright spot and watered once a month, they are a great option for those not blessed with green thumbs or those who travel a lot.

Air Plants (Tillandsia) are now the rage in restaurants, bars and interior design expos. They look delicate because of their size and the thinness of their foliage, yet the varied direction of their leaves make them look formidable and spunky. You can place them on a table, hang them from the ceiling or use them as living wall art.

There are more plants you can try that love the Australian climate. You can stay tuned to our blog for more ideas for your patio enhancement project.

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Three Patio Transformations that Your Family Will Love

Constructing a patio is one thing and finding the perfect use for it is another. Patios are versatile additions to a home yet homeowners are still perplexed about how to make the most out of the extra room in their house.

Now is the perfect time to leverage your creativity and passion for design. Here are three great ways you can transform your patio into a space that you and your family will fall in love with:

Outdoor Entertainment

Barbeque and karaoke nights no longer need to be spent at someone else’s home. In creating an entertainment area for your family, it’s all about choosing what goes in it. Think of an activity that the whole family enjoys and convert your patio into an outdoor respite to keep them busy during summer nights.

Pet Habitat

If your children are animal lovers, they will adore a ‘dog bar’ or a ‘catio’ for their pets. Place furniture on your patio for your family and set up tiny tents for the animals to keep them comfortable as well. Other pet patio ideas include placing a digging zone or installing mini pools for warmer days.

Al Fresco Dining

For those days when you’re tired of having your meals on the same dining table, eat breakfast outdoors for a change by making your patio an outdoor dining area. Mimic garden restaurants and seaside dining for a refreshing view while enjoying a sumptuous dish. Use large tables and cosy chairs to make it as comfy as possible. Add candles to complete the dining experience. Make sure to have quality patio roofing to protect you and the food from the elements.

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Little Pleasures You Can Add to Make the Perfect Sunroom

Thinking of getting patio enclosures? You’re making the right move as having an additional living space increases the value of your home and gives your family another place to use for storage, work or play. You can make your patio enclosure into a lovely sunroom with these elements.

Think Comfort

The very purpose of a sunroom is to let you relax or enjoy a space that lets you take in the sun and the natural landscape. Padded chairs, Cleopatra chairs and sun beds are all welcome additions to a sunroom. Throwing in pillows of various shapes, colours and sizes can make the sunroom very enticing and fun.

Bring In a Bit of Nature

Add potted plants to your sunroom to give it beautiful natural colours, textures and a natural fresh scent. This creates a connecting element between your interiors and exteriors. This also creates a natural ambience, conducive to relaxation.

Add a Bit of Privacy

Your sunroom doesn’t have to be open all the time. You can get a bit more privacy or lessen the light that comes in with some drapes or shades. Light white curtains can create a whimsical effect for your sunroom. Bamboo or wood shades can give better privacy and add another natural element to your sunroom.

Add Some Extra Comforts

Ceiling fans provide a welcome breeze on warm days and have an ornamental appeal. If you have a little extra in your budget, you can include an AC system to your sunroom for really hot days. For winter, a small beautiful fireplace can make a beautiful addition to your sunroom and keep you warm.

You can add more things that suit your personality and your needs. Your options are endless.

When you’re ready to have that sunroom built, give us a call. At Just Patios, we can make room enclosures that match your existing home and can be enjoyed by your family the whole year round.


Beautiful Garden Plants to Spruce Up Your Patio

A patio is the perfect marriage of indoor and outdoor living, an ideal place for relaxation and entertainment. A beautiful patio is just what you need to make your home that much more comfortable. It pays to decorate your patio just the way you want it — it should reflect your own personal style and serve as a haven in your home.

A patio is never quite complete without a few ornamental plants to brighten up the area. You want to choose plants that are not only attractive but thrive well in pots or planters and partial shade.

If you have patio roofing installed, you are actually creating partial indoor conditions for your plants. Due to the roofing, patio plants receive less sunshine and less rain than plants placed in uncovered areas.

Here are some beautiful plants for your patio that are easy to care for and maintain:


Clivia is a beautiful southern African plant that nevertheless adapts well to the Australian climate. These small plants have long, dark green, waxy looking leaves with a gorgeous cluster of orange or red flowers. Clivias grow all over Australia except in very high elevations. The great thing about Clivia is that it thrives well in the shade and is relatively easy to care for, requiring only somewhat moist soil and some fertilising every four weeks.


Begonias are very popular ornamental plants that are easy to care for and do well in the shade. Begonias are ideal for both planters and hanging baskets but do require regular watering.

These attractive plants have large flowers with rounded petals and unique, multi-coloured leaves in shades of green and maroon. The flowers are available in red, pink, yellow and white.


The most popular type of orchid in Australia is the Cymbidium, or ‘boat orchid’. Most boat orchids only need watering once a week but need a free draining potting mix. They also do well in hanging baskets and can be hung from your patio roof frame.

Herbs and Ferns

If you need small, attractive plants that take up very little space, you can never go wrong with herbs and ferns. These plants have practically evolved to grow in the shade and require very little upkeep.

Ferns are very attractive because of their distinctive leaf patterns, while herbs are edible and add new flavours to your favourite dishes.

These are just some of the many, beautiful plants you can add to your patio garden.

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A Peaceful Respite: Make Your Patio a Private Escape

After a hectic week at work or caring for your family, it might be tempting to plan a weekend trip to the country to relax and recharge your batteries. Patios, however, can provide just as much relaxation without leaving home. Our patios have many uses, one of which is a private escape, right in the comfort of your own property.

Create Privacy

A secluded area close to the house is ideal for a patio, especially if its purpose is a retreat space. Choose a location for your patio where you are least likely to see other people. Shelter it with a pergola — this structure provides a private, yet a cool, space for you to escape. If you want to maximise your privacy, opt for a patio enclosure instead.

Keep it Cosy

When creating a private escape, the cosiness of your patio should not be any different to that of your bedroom. Your secluded spot may need a table and cushioned seats to create a relaxing sanctuary. When designing your patio, avoid clunky furniture, and stick to a neutral colour palette. For a creative touch, make use of simple items such as concrete slabs and use them as table tops for an interesting outdoor feel.

Furnish with Greenery

Nature has a way of soothing us. Jean Larson, programme manager at the Centre for Therapeutic Horticulture Services, says that a beautiful view of nature greatly reduces our emotional stress levels. Surround your patio with garden plants and colourful shrubs to give the patio life. A well-designed garden serves as a perfect backdrop for your private space.

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Can Carports Increase the Value of Your Home?

Homeowners looking to protect their car can consider installing a carport on their property. It can protect the vehicle from natural elements like rain and sun and expand the lifespan of your vehicle, it can even save you from unnecessary parking space expenses. When you don’t have the cash or the layout to accommodate a garage in your home, consider having a carport built instead.

While carports certainly protect cars and are cost-efficient, there’s another benefit to having one constructed. A Carport, believe it or not, can improve the value of your house. How does it do that?

Carports Can Blend with the Home’s Architecture

Professionals that specialise in building carports in homes make sure that the structure blends with the architecture of your home. You can also have it customised so that it serves as a complementary feature, and it will look as if the property was designed with the carport in mind — not, as might be the case, a later addition. Moreover, since a newly build carport looks visually attractive, it can raise the appeal of your entire property.

Carports also Enhance Kerb Appeal

Speaking of a property’s appeal, did you know that outdoor aesthetic plays a role in raising your home’s value? Properties with great kerb appeal command higher prices and sell faster on the market. Thus, how your property looks from the outside could make or break a potential buyer’s first impression of your home — and carports make a good first impression! Not only do carports make your front yard look neat, but parking your car (or any other vehicle, such as a boat) neatly under a carport lets visitors appreciate the style and size of your front yard as well.

At Just Patios, we can build you a carport that can raise your home’s value. Our high-quality workmanship adds value to your property by bringing an aesthetic appeal to any home. Our licenced, professional builders will make sure to complete your carport on time and according to your specifications.

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3 Top Reasons Insulated Roofing is the Best Choice for Your Patio

Building a patio can transform your outdoor space into a comfortable area that is perfect for entertaining family and friends. But since it’s located outside of your home, it needs to be made of materials that can withstand harsh weather and other elements. At the same time, you’ll likely want a patio that is sleek, functional, and affordable.

Here at Just Patios, we know exactly what you need. We always recommend durable and quality patio materials, including the insulated roofing available in Brisbane.

Superior Insulation

Insulated patio roofing has three layers that provide ultimate performance: (1) a roofing layer made up of high grade steel that is heat reflective and easy to clean, (2) a polystyrene layer bonded to the roof and ceiling layer to provide more strength and durability, and (3) a ceiling layer that is also made up of high grade steel and is available in different colours to suit the overall design of the patio.

With insulated patio roofing, you can hang out in your patio and entertain friends for the whole day without feeling too hot. The superior insulation also helps in protecting the furniture in the patio from sun damage.

Modern Design

Insulated patio roofing panels are designed for installation on any suitable frame. They are also available in a range of colours and designs. You can choose one that matches the aesthetic of your home exteriors. You can also surround this type of roofing with quality glass enclosures to make your patio look sleeker.


Because of their durable materials, these roofing panels don’t require high maintenance. They are easy to clean and can last for years with minimal upkeep.

This type of roofing is an ideal choice for anyone building a patio in this country, on account of our generally warm weather. But if you want to learn more about insulated patio roofing, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re willing to guide you through selecting the best roofing for your patio.

Getting Approval for Patio Construction

Just Patios specialises in the construction of great-looking and comfortable patios. Whether it’s a custom build or a premade patio system from leading brands such as Solarspan, Ausdeck, and Stratco, we can have it installed. But if you think it’s that easy to build a patio, you might be mistaken. There’s a probability of the project requiring clearance from local authorities.

It pays to understand why a patio should have an approval first before you can have it constructed. Contrary to popular belief, patios are big and intricate enough to classify as traditional building structures. Building them may require roughly the same amount of paperwork as a new floor/room or garage for the home. Failing to comply with existing local regulations may result in considerable fines (and even an order to demolish the patio).

Different local councils have their specific rules for allowing patios. These rules include relatively similar standards, however. Structural integrity, materials to be used, and provisions from both local and national building codes are among the criteria that a patio would have to satisfy.

As for the permit itself, it can involve two types. Aesthetics and the surface area boundaries are included in a planning permit, while compliance with safety standards and building codes come with the building permit.

Start by determining whether patios are indeed regulated in your locale. If so, keep in mind that failure to apply for a permit means you can’t even design or build a patio. Communities have several reasons that govern the approval or rejection of a patio.

As for obtaining a building permit, it likely requires a detailed site plan. This shows the entire property in detail, especially its boundaries. For a patio project to be approved, it has to be within certain parameters of the property itself. And if the patio might be situated too close to other properties, you might also need a letter of consent from neighbours.

Building a patio is a very good idea to bring out your home’s appeal, but regulations limit certain features or size for entirely reasonable grounds. Once you’re done checking out the rules, you can visit us anytime so we can start planning your new patio.